Yolo County Kinship with the Davis Odd FellowsOnce again, the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge was filled with smiles and laughter.

This morning, our Lodge hosted a special and private event for the Yolo County Kinship Program. This program supports foster children in Yolo county who have been placed with relatives (such as grandparents, aunts, cousins, etc.). It’s a program that doesn’t get a lot of attention or recognition.

The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge provided the Lower Hall to the Kinship program free of charge. In addition, we provided $1,000 ($500 from the Community Support Committee and $500 from the Stuart Foundation which had been donated to the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge). And finally, with the help of Odd Fellow Doug Hatton (Santa) and his wife, Margee Hatton, Santa was available to delight the children. Each child could spend time with Santa, who then provided a gift to the child. The funds we provided were used to purchase individualized gifts for each attending child, as well as pizza and drinks for the 100 adults and children in attendance. The Davis Food Coop provided a donation of cookies and apple cider. A local barbershop quarter (“What Four”) provided a festive background of music.

Once again, the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge has done a wonderful thing for the community – and especially for foster children.

A special thank you to Margee Hatton who organizes the time of Santa (Doug) and the elves. She is a champ!

F – L – T

Lea Rosenberg
Vice Grand
Davis Odd Fellows Lodge #169

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