You’ve heard the expression that many hands make light work. Well, many Rebekah hands made a GREAT CRAB FEED. I heard nothing but compliments on February 2 on a very successful Second Annual Rebekah Lodge Crab Feed, and a number of guests said they definitely want to come to the Third Annual Rebekah Lodge Crab Feed next year. On top of that, I am sure that our Lodge will have a “profit” of over $5,000 from this event – which helps us on our goals of assisting at-risk children, foster kids and emancipated young adults from the foster care system. Everyone helped out in some way, big or small, to make this a success. At the risk of leaving someone out (not intentionally), here is a special thanks to the following Rebekahs:

Jeannie Pytel who worked with me in coordinating this event. Jeannie was the Queen of this event! And special thanks to Allison Pytel who came in from San Francisco to sell raffle tickets – the idea for the Crab Feed originally came from Allison! (The sisters, Allison and Ariel Pytel, in their cute pink aprons, sold the raffle tickets and no one could resist buying a ticket from these two.)

Sheryl Cambron who, with Jeannie, set up a killer silent auction and raffle.

Alekka Fullerton who, along with her husband Mike, obtained the wine chiller donation.

Lin Spangler who donated the Giant’s tickets and bobblehead raffle prize. I believe the silent auction and the raffle generated some $2,500 for our Lodge.

All of the Rebekahs who donated 24 bottles of wine to fill the wine chiller.

They are not Rebekahs, a SPECIAL thanks to Jean Jordan and Rob Ferguson for coordinating the kitchen crew and the great service. Thank you, Rob, for getting the best crab ever. Ultimately, it is the quality of the crab which is the basis of a crab feed – and the crab this year was terrific. (By the way, Rob was the winner of the wine chiller raffle prize – which made it all worthwhile.)

And down in the bowels of the building – the kitchen – we didn’t see them but they were laboring away coordinating the service – Penny Smith, Jessica Smith, Alekka Fullerton and Hannah Cole Leathers. A really thankless job in the “boiler room” but they made it run smoothly.

Diana Schmiegel kept track of the money and coordinated the volunteers servers. There were 17 of them – young men and women – in their white shirts and dark pants or skirts, and they did a super job – even helped clean up at the end. Jeannie got a scout to help watch over the drawn butter – and the young man lent a hand in other ways during the evening.

Sharla Cheney and Sandy Dietrich for preparing the delicious salads.

Christina Beede, for getting great bread and garlic bread and coordinating the drawn butter. The bread was very popular.

Incredible homemade desserts thanks to Kathy White and Irene Fecht.

Check in at the door went smoothly – thank you to Joyce Trujillo and Mary Superak. And thanks, Mary, for the table decor! (Nice red buckets supplied by Jeannie!) Thank you, also to Kati Cole-Leathers, who got sick at the last minute but helped on the decor.

Barb Geisler, in preparing the tickets.

Dave Rosenberg who worked with me in collecting the ticket money from Avid Reader, got to the Lodge early and helped coordinate set up, and generally was there to provide “advice” on everything. He does pay attention to details.

Dody Black and Dave Rosenberg ran the bar. There was an incredible rush of people to the bar at 5:30 p.m. and (with a little help) they managed it really well. Dody will be providing part of the bar proceeds as a donation to the Rebekah Lodge.

All the Rebekahs who coordinated or purchased tables for the event including Joyce Trujillo, Barb Geisler, the Cheney Family who between them reserved four tables, Jeannie Pytel, and our pledge Valerie Ranns. (Valerie’s husband, Dean, was the winner of the Giant’s tickets raffle prize – and he’s a Red Sox fan!)

Thank you to many Rebekahs who came in at noon on Saturday to set up the silent auction and decorate the tables and the room.

And I am really glad we hired OSA’s to help set up and clean up as Dody and Dave suggested – we were all pretty tired at the end of the evening.

Rebekahs: YOU DID GREAT WORK. The first year was excellent, and we just got better with the second year of this crab feed. I’m real proud of you and the Rebekah Lodge.

Please mark your calendars for the Third Annual Rebekah Lodge Crab Feed. I am asking Dody to reserve Saturday, February 8, 2014 for the event!

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