Odd Fellows and Friends,

The annual trek to the Historic Volcano Lodge is coming on Saturday September 17. For those of you who haven’t heard of this event, here is the background. This Odd Fellows lodge was formed in 1854 in the foothills town of Volcano in Amador County. The building is co-owned with the Masons. In order to maintain ownership, the Odd Fellows must hold at least one meeting each year. Many of us have associate memberships which cost $5.00.

The lodge hall is upstairs and has no electric lighting. Light is provided by oil or kerosene lamps. Volcano is a quaint little town. The meeting in the lodge will be at 11:15 am. For those who are interested, some will have lunch in the nearby historic St. George Hotel. If you want to join the lunch, you should RSVP. See the attached flyer.

If there is interest, we could do some wine-tasting in Amador County after lunch.

Contact Dave Reed if interested in attending

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