Odd Fellows,

Last Saturday, we hosted a benefit for the earthquake survivors in Nepal. The event was called Neighbors for Nepal. A group of energetic Nepali students from the area as well Odd Fellows from Nepal or that region convinced us to raise funds with the goal of helping the community of Bhotang and helping them rebuild the school destroyed in the earthquakes.

In a period of 6 weeks, we organized and pulled off a tremendous event. When the expenses are paid and the final accounting is completed, I expect that we will have raised over $15,000 to forward to Nepal!

This event was a great tribute to the Odd Fellows and our community. It was great fun too. Over 250 people, young and old, attended the event.

Several Nepali restaurants and businesses contributed food for the dinner. A group of Nepali students made momos (dumplings) for dinner.

My thanks to the many Odd Fellows who helped plan the event. Special thanks to Arun Sen, the co-chair of the planning committee, Robin Dewey and Lea Rosenberg.

My thanks to the many Odd Fellows who worked at the event from setting up to bartending to staffing the dining area to setting up and running the music to cleaning up. We could not have done it without you!

My thanks to the bands that entertained us all evening. Three of the bands had Davis Odd Fellows in them. The evening started with Drivin’ South with Mary Superak. They were followed by According to Bazooka with Rene Martucci and Richard Urbino. Next, was Zapato Viejo, a favorite of our Thursday Live shows. The evening ended with Barry “The Fish” Melton, a Davis Odd Fellow, and his talented band.

My thanks to those of you that could not attend but contributed to the cause.

We thank the Soroptimists International of Davis for co-sponsoring the event with us.

One of the highlights of the evening were the Nepali students. They dressed in colorful traditional clothing of Nepal and performed dance and sang and even presented a fashion show.

A UCD medical student recently returned from Nepal and told us about her experiences serving on a relief team of professionals.

It was wonderful to be part of a group effort to reach out and help others. We made a difference.

NOTE: If any of you have photos from the event, I would like to submit them with a press release to the local newspapers.

We should all be proud of our lodge and what we accomplished — and what we are capable of!

Thanks again.


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