In 2011 the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge constructed a float for the Picnic Day parade. That 2011 float featured Odd Fellows Bingo. Noble Grand Lea Rosenberg wanted to do it again, and so she put the word out to see if members of the Lodge wanted to form a committee to design and build a float, and enter it in the parade. Several members signed up and a Picnic Day Float Committee was formed.

The Co-chairs of the committee are James Bledsoe and Janis Rosenberg. Several hard-working members of the committee donated their wood-working, construction, designing, and painting talents, including Joe Green, Duff Devine, Jeff and Georgia Myers, Mary and Ted Superak, Charles Brush and Judy Drexler. Doug Hatton graciously donated his flatbed for the float. Dave Rosenberg got a grant from Grand Lodge to help fund the float construction and the Lodge’s 145th birthday party.

The float, itself, features a view of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge Hall, a large red heart, two giant arms and hands, and an allusion to the Odd Fellows Lodge members helping others in need. The Picnic Day Parade starts on campus at 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 18, and passes right in front of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge Hall on Second Street in Downtown Davis. The Odd Fellows are also hosting their annual Picnic Day Pancake Breakfast at the Lodge from 8 to 10:30 a.m.

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