Hey Odd Fellows and Friends of Odd Poetry —

It’s that time again — Odd Poetry is back and will continue to be DIFFERENT (that is, TRULY ODD) on Friday, February 13th at 6 to 7 pm. Yes, that’s right, another Friday the 13th !! We will meet at the Lodge promptly at 6 pm and then wander around Davis to various spots to read our poetry — please dress warmly — odd hats are welcome, but, oddly, not required. Given that it’s March 13th, 2 themes come immediately to mind: Friday the 13th and the Ides of March. You are encouraged, if so moved, to come with your own Ides of March and Friday the 13th themed poems, to wit:

FRIDAY THE 13TH If there ever was such a day, you could take it all away!
Would you do it?

If there ever was a day,
you could climb up on my tree!
Would you be my chimpanzee?

If there ever was a day you could see a gypsy in the stars,
you could reach and stretch our travel beyond and far!
Would you look up and risk to loose your own neck?

If there was a day you could breath me in deeply,
you could get lost in my bedroom eyes!
Would you stare me down sweetly?

If there is such a day to take the stop sign off my face,
you could mend things and turn on our green light!
Would you continue to let me invade your space?

If there ever was a day you want to surrender your love to me,
You could indulge my body language as your # 1 key!
Would you give me the best heated moments of your life?

If we could have more than just one day,
with out bad luck getting in the way!
Would you say lets just sleep through FRIDAY THE 13th all DAY?

If we could figure out what happen earlier to day,
you could offer me peace & blame it on FRIDAY THE 13TH!
Would you could you just stop blaming us and blame on the 13th? ~SKAT~

Or, speaking of the Ides of March, how about his little ditty written by CP Cavafy in 1863 ?:

The Ides of March

Fear grandeurs, O soul.
And if you cannot overcome
your ambitions, pursue them with hesitation
and caution. And the more you advance,
the more inquisitive, careful you must be.

And when you reach your peak, Caesar at last;
when you assume the form of a famous man,
then above all beware when you go out in the street,
a conspicuous ruler with followers,
if by chance from the mob approaches
some Artemidorus, bringing a letter
and says hastily ‘Read this immediately,
these are grave matters that concern you,’
do not fail to stop; do not fail to push aside
all those who salute and kneel
(you can see them later); let even the Senate
itself wait, and immediately recognise
the grave writings of Artemidorus.

Now, top that — I know you can!!! But, don’t feel constrained to only by the Ides of March Day or Friday the 13th — all poetry is welcome. Don’t be shy to come on down to Odd Poetry — at 6 pm on Friday the 13th of March !!! PLEASE BE PROMPT as we will wander around Davis taking turns reading our favorite poems !!! I will be there this Friday with Mary Superak to lead the charge!!

If you don’t have your own poems — you can read those of others you like (Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Monty Python . . . etc.) Or, just come and enjoy the poetry to be read by others.

We plan to end by 7 pm or whenever folks want to keep wandering around the rest of the Second Friday Art About !!!

Enjoy !!!


Chuck White

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