There are four degrees in an Odd Fellows Lodge:  The Initiatory Degree, the First Degree (the Degree of Friendship), the Second Degree (the Degree of Love), and the Third Degree (the Degree of Truth).

Almost everyone in our Davis Lodge has all four degrees of Odd Fellowship.   There are a few of you who don’t – particularly the newer initiates – and we are pleased to offer the degrees (free of charge) to those who wish to obtain them.   Also, there are members who already have all the degrees, but would like a simple “refresher” on the degrees and the secrets and unwritten work pertaining to the degrees – all are welcome to come for that refresher.

We have set up a special “Three Degree Night” at the Lodge where you can obtain the advanced three degrees available in an Odd Fellows Lodge:  The First Degree, the Second Degree and the Third Degree.   This will all be done in one fun-filled and interesting evening!   You will be given all three degrees (by video) and all the secrets and unwritten work relating to the degrees by Past Grand Jean-Paul Montreuil.

The date for the Odd Fellows Three Degree Night is Monday, April 16, at 7:00 p.m. sharp (please be on time) in the Lower Hall, at the Lodge.

The three degrees can be conferred in about 90 minutes, so we should be done around 8:40 p.m. (counting breaks).   Please feel free to bring soft drinks, beer or wine and snacks or dinner if you wish.

Once you receive all these degrees you are eligible to hold elected or appointed office in the Davis Lodge, and to wear the red collar or red cord regalia.   In addition, once you have all the degrees of the Odd Fellows Lodge, you are then eligible to join the Davis Encampment and receive three advanced degrees in the Encampment – the Patriarchal Degree (Degree of Faith), the Golden Rule Degree (Degree of Hope), and the Royal Purple Degree (Degree of Charity).  As a member of the Davis Encampment, you can (if you wish) wear the coveted purple fez with the golden tassel.  And you are also eligible to obtain the highest degree in Odd Fellowship – the Degree of Universal Justice – by joining Canton Davis.   Those who are interested can also join the Rebekah Lodge and obtain the Rebekah Degree.

If you are interested in joining Davis Encampment #21 and/or Canton Davis #7 and/or Davis Rebekah Lodge #253, please let me know and we will discuss next steps.  The Davis Encampment and Canton Davis are the largest Encampment and the largest Canton in California, and both are active!   The Davis Rebekah Lodge is one of the two largest in California and is also very active.

Any questions?   Please feel free to ask!

F – L – T

Dave Rosenberg
Chair, Membership & Initiation Committee
Davis Odd Fellows Lodge #169

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