Odd Fellow and Rebekah PublicationOne of the best things that the California Grand Lodge does is publish a quarterly magazine called “The California Odd Fellow and Rebekah Publication”. It is an excellent, full color magazine that has won awards. It is edited by Carol Fraher, a good friend and progressive member of the Order. Davis is typically all over the magazine and the current edition (April-May-June), which just came out, is no exception.

It’s worth checking out. You can do so on-line with this link:


I think Davis has at least ten stories, photos or articles written by Davis members!

If you would like to subscribe to hard copies of this publication, you can do so. The annual club rate is $7.50. If you wish to subscribe, or you have a change of address, just write to: Grand Lodge, 14414 Oak Street, Suite B, Saratoga, CA 95070.

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