Perhaps the largest garage sale in the history of Davis will take place on Saturday, September 27, starting at 7 a.m. and ending at 1:00 p.m., at the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge Hall, 415 Second Street, in Downtown Davis.  The sale will be so large, that it will be held both inside and outside the Lodge Hall.   Shoppers will be able to find affordable and gently used household items, furniture, clothing, books, jewelry and the potpourri of eclectic items normally found at garage sales.  

What makes this sale unique is that it is not just one household’s accumulation, but rather the garage sale items from over 100 households.

The sale is sponsored and organized by the Davis Encampment #21, which is a branch of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge.  All money raised will be used to foster the mission of the Davis Encampment, which is to send disadvantaged local children to summer camp.   “There are children from very-low income families who would never have the chance to leave home and enjoy real summer camp experience,” said Juelie Roggli, chair of the committee organizing the garage sale.  “The money we raise will be used to provide full scholarships to these kids, to provide them sleeping bags, and to assist them to get to and from summer camp.  It’s really a great cause, and the kids who participate have a wonderful time, and wonderful memories.”

The public is cordially invited to come by the “gigantic garage sale” on September 27 to browse and purchase.


Pictured are Lea Rosenberg (left) and Juelie Roggli, members of the Davis Encampment who are organizing the gigantic garage sale at the Odd Fellows Lodge on Saturday, September 27.


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