Dear Odd Fellows and Pledges,

1. Grand Lodge Sessions. Dave and I have just returned from five days in Modesto, attending the 163rd Grand Lodge Session – the gathering of 120 Odd Fellows Lodges in California. Because a LOT of interesting and important events happened at this year’s Session, I wanted to dedicate most of this Noble Grand Report to it. First, I want to thank the eight Davis Odd Fellows who attended as Grand Lodge Representatives: Andrew Skaggs, Bob Bockwinkel, Dave Rosenberg, Dave Reed, Bob Schelen, Tony Pruitt, Carlos Garcia, and me – a total of 8 voting representatives from Davis – the most we have ever had and one of the largest voting blocs at the Sessions. Our own Stewart Savage was at Sessions, as well, running the electronic voting system. I also want to say “thank you” to a number of Odd Fellows who attended (and participated in) the Installation of Officers ceremony including Juelie and Kurt Roggli, Beth and Bob Dovi, Robin Dewey, Janis Rosenberg, Alekka and Michael Fullerton, and their daughter Annelisa Fullerton (a Pledge).

The biggest two events were the election of Dave Rosenberg as Grand Master of California for the coming year, and the election of Dave Reed as Grand Warden for the coming year. Dave Rosenberg is the 163rd Grand Master and the first Grand Master ever from the Davis Lodge. Dave Reed will serve as Grand Warden for a year, then as Deputy Grand Master for a year, and finally will be Grand Master for a year. What is really great is that the current Grand Master (Dave Rosenberg), the newly elected Deputy Grand Master (Peter Sellars from Yerba Buena Lodge in San Francisco Lodge) and the new Grand Warden (Dave Reed) are all progressives. So, for the first time in our history, we have three progressive leaders heading the Order – and that speaks well for the future. The election of Dave Reed was not a foregone conclusion as there were four candidates, and he won it on the third ballot. But on that third ballot he got a large majority. Also, I am delighted to say the two of our members received the Grand Lodge Directors’ award: Dave Reed and Stewart Savage. They received the only Directors’ awards presented.

Also noteworthy was the election of Directors to the Grand Lodge Board of Directors (the Grand Lodge Board of Directors runs the business of the Order between the yearly Grand Lodge Sessions) – in that election, more progressives took office so that the Grand Lodge Board is now heavily tilted to the progressive side. I was also appointed Grand Guardian of California, one of the seven top appointed offices in Odd Fellowship. We owe a big debt of thanks to Dave Rosenberg, who started this ball rolling when he began to attend Grand Lodge Sessions about six years ago. It took a long time, but the tilt at Grand Lodge Sessions is now definitely progressive. Hooray for the progressive Lodges!

2. Lodge Meeting on May 27. Mark your calendars. Our fourth Wednesday evening meeting of the Lodge will be May 27. Social hour starts at 6:15 p.m. (thank you, Sheryl Cambron, for agreeing to help with the snacks and appetizers for social hour), and the meeting will start at 7:00 p.m. Please note that social hour will be in the Lower Hall and the meeting will be in the Upper Hall. This will be a formal Lodge meeting with ritual and regalia. Pledges and guests may attend the social hour, but may not attend the meeting.

3. “Neighbors for Nepal” Meeting Tomorrow. Following the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, a number of Odd Fellows and Pledges have determined that we can help. If you wish to participate in planning a community event to help Nepal, we have a special meeting coming up tomorrow, Monday, May 18, at 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. at the Lodge. You are welcome to come and help think through and start planning what we can do.

4. Club Night Is “Potluck Night” This Week. Club Night at the Lodge is back on Thursday, May 21, starting at 5 p.m. IT’S POTLUCK TIME AGAIN. This is a favorite of Lodge members. A chef’s dinner will NOT be served. Instead, we ask you to bring a dish. The theme for Thursday will be Italian Potluck – so please bring spaghetti, lasagne, pizza, Italian salad, antipasto, fettuccine, garlic bread, etc. This is a casual drop-in time for members, pledges and their guests. Bar is open, big-screen TV is on. Welcome our new Grand Master of California Dave Rosenberg – who will be available for a few minutes to answer questions on the Modesto meeting and the next steps for Odd Fellowship in California. Just casual and informal. Come on by!

Lea Rosenberg
Noble Grand

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