The Membership & Initiation Committee has met and has interviewed all the members of the Spring 2015 Pledge Class.  The Pledges have all met the Pledge requirements.  All have been in the Pledge period for a minimum of six months – some as long as ten months.  The Committee unanimously recommends the following Pledges for membership in the Lodge:

Colin Anderson
Patric Ashby
Cathy Aubill
Charlie Brush
Son Chong
Scott Culver
Judy Drexler
Joe Green
Larry Guenther
Kyle Meyer
Georgia Myers
Jeff Myers
Colleen Pacca
Phil Pacca
Sue Treadwell


Based on the recommendation of the Membership & Initiation Committee, the Lodge as a whole will be voting on these Pledge’s applications at our Saturday morning Breakfast meeting of January 10, 2015.  Those voted into membership will be initiated at our Wednesday evening meeting on January 28, 2015.

F – L – T

Dave Rosenberg
Chair, Membership & Initiation Committee
Davis Odd Fellows Lodge #169

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