Lodge Committees

Davis Odd Fellows Lodge #169 performs its programs and community services through its many committees. Committee types include Lodge management committees, special committees, and single-project committees. Every active member of this Lodge should be serving on at least one committee of this Lodge.


Standing and Special Committees

Committees are of two types: standing committees and special committees.

Standing committees are committees required by our By-laws. These committees perform basic management responsibilities of our organization. Membership of these committees may be set by our by-laws (e.g.: Noble Grand, Vice Grand and Treasurer) or the Noble Grand appoints the chairs and members.

Special committees perform specific support functions and activities of our organization. These committees are created based upon need and interest. Special committees can be created to serve a one-time specific function or used to support recurring long-term activities of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge. The Noble Grand appoints the chairs and members of special committees.

(*Standing Committees)


Odd Fellows Committees

Adopt-a-Highway – Once per month or every two months cleanup of a 1-mile stretch of Hwy 113, near Davis. John Steele

Bell Ringing – Once per year during the Christmas holiday, the committee organizes a bell-ringing team for the Salvation Army. Duff Devine

Bingo – Once per month on the second Sunday, this committee puts on Bingo at the Lodge for the public, with proceeds going to a charity or community group. Alice Stewart and Matthew Elliott

Breakfast with the Bunny – Breakfast and crafts and an egg hunt is provided to 100 children during the Easter holiday, and the kids get to meet “The Bunny.”  Kathy Hemness and Matt Elliott

Breakfast with Santa – In December this committee organizes breakfast with “Santa” for 360 children and parents. Lea Rosenberg and Diana Schmiegel

Bylaws – This committee reviews and processes any changes to our Bylaws, as requested. Jonathan Raven

Calendar – Maintains and distributes an advance monthly and long-range calendar of meetings and events. Dave Rosenberg

Chocolate Festival – An annual November fundraising event at the Lodge featuring all things chocolate, with vendors, demonstrations, food and drink. Kurt Roggli

Cigar Lounge – Cigar enthusiasts gather once a month to smoke fine cigars and discuss issues of the world. Dave Rosenberg

Classic Film Festival – Twice each year (in the Spring and in the Winter) this committee shows a trilogy of classic films on Sunday evenings, free and open to the public. Dave Rosenberg

Club Night – Weekly social gathering on Thursday nights at the Lodge with food, drink and trivia, open to members, pledges and their guests. Kathy Hemness and Raleigh Klein

Community Support – This committee meets by e-mail to consider requests from community groups for co-hosted events, purchase of tickets and donations. Lea Rosenberg and Holly Bishop

Communications & Website – Runs our Lodge website and is involved with internal Lodge communications. Stewart Savage – ssavage@abatonconsulting.com

Finance – Once or twice each year, audits the Treasurer and Financial Secretary of the Lodge. Appointed by Noble Grand

FLT (Fine Liquor Tasting) –  This new committee is organized by those who enjoy the tasting of fine spirits. Howie Spero and Joel Mandel

Gaming Committee – Once each week this committee organizes gaming nights at the Lodge. Matthew Elliott and Kevin Sitz

Good Fellowship – This committee organizes occasional fun events for the members, such as wine country trips. Juelie Roggli and Dave Rosenberg

Golf – This committee caters to those members who wish to golf on local courses, typically once per month weather permitting. Charles Filmer

Halloween Party – Organizes the yearly October Halloween Party at the Lodge with costumes and music. Dave Reed

Historical – In charge of historical displays and historical items at the Lodge  Dave Rosenberg and Mary Parton

Holiday Caroling – Once each year during the Christmas Holiday, this committee goes caroling to a local Senior facility. Dave Reed

Installation & Awards Banquet  – This committee organizes the annual installation and awards banquet, held in January. Outgoing Noble Grand

Lodge Anniversary – This committee will organize our annual “birthday” of the Lodge (the month we were chartered), which occurs in April. Diane Steele and Dave Rosenberg

Movie Matinee –  This committee meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month to view a film at a local movie house. Diane Steele

Membership – This committee is in charge of membership development and the Pledge program and degree work. Dave Rosenberg

Music – Organizes music venues at the Lodge, including the monthly Thursday Live! held on the second Thursday of every month. Juelie Roggli and Kurt Roggli

New Year’s Eve Party – Organizes the bi-annual “New Year’s Eve” party held on December 31 -January 1 with music, food and drink, open to the public. Juelie Roggli and Kurt Roggli

Odd Bulletin Board – Once or twice a month members can post items for sale, to buy, to rent, jobs, etc. for the interest of other members. Kati O’Day and Kelli O’Day – kaoday@ucdavis.edu

Odd Caroling – Odd Fellows visit a local senior living facility to spread the Holiday spirit by singing Christmas Carols. Dave Reed

Odd Needle Crafters – Experienced or amateur needle workers flock to this committee and their monthly meetings, second Monday of every month. Kathy Hemness

OddtoberFest – Organizes the annual OddtoberFest at the Lodge in the Fall. Paul Schmiegel and Matt Elliott

Photography Committee – Exploring the World, capturing it’s beauty, and sharing images with Odd Fellows and the community. Stewart Savage – ssavage@abatonconsulting.com

Picnic Day Float – Plans and builds our annual float for entry in the Picnic Day Parade, in April – busy building schedule January to April. James Bledsoe and Meri Superak

Picnic Day Breakfast – Organizes the annual Picnic Day Breakfast at the Lodge in April, open to the public. Holly Bishop, Nicholas Lundgren, and Kathy Hemness

Promotion –  Using social media, this committee brings attention to our Lodge events. TBD

Publicity – Advertising and publicizing our Lodge events through local newspapers; maintains current posters on our poster board. Dave Rosenberg

Saturday Morning Breakfast – This committee hosts and serves our 2nd Saturday breakfast at the Lodge every month  Kathy Hemness

Scholarship – This committee has a budget and can provide scholarships to deserving members/children/grandchildren. Sharla Cheney

Social Services – Assists those in need, particularly those with mental illness, and assists at the Food Bank. Bob Schelen

Sports – Members of this committee go to local and regional sporting events every month. Kevin Sitz

St. Patrick’s Day Party – Organizes the annual St. Patrick’s Day party in March, with food and drink. Dave Reed

Team Bald-fellows – Once each year, shaves heads to raise money for cancer research. Stewart Savage – ssavage@abatonconulting.com

Take a Hike – For those who enjoy to hike, this committee organizes monthly treks, weather permitting. Dave Reed

Taste of Davis – Our big annual April fundraiser at the Lodge, featuring food and drink for the public. Dave Rosenberg and Lea Rosenberg

Texas Hold ’em Tournament – A new committee which will organize a poker tournament in the Fall of 2018. Juelie Roggli, Kurt Roggli, Lea Rosenberg, Dave Rosenberg

Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner – Another new committee that will organize an annual Thanksgiving Potluck dinner at the Lodge. TBD

Theater and Storytelling Committee – This committee Plans trips to various “live” theatre events on Sunday followed by dinner. We also organize storytelling workshops and performances for children and also adult audiences. Ed Lewis

Visitation – This committee schedules visits to other nearby Odd Fellows Lodges. James Bledsoe

Visiting – This committee is in charge of visiting members who are sick or in distress, or sends flowers and plants. Noble Grand, Vice Grand, and Tresurer

Wine Club – This committee organizes monthly wine tasting gatherings at the homes of members. Robin Dewey

Zombie Bicycle Parade –  This is a new committee which (around Halloween) will gather hundreds of “zombies” riding bikes. Aaron Wedra

Zymurgy – Those interested in the art of brewing beer will enjoy this committee. Paul Ghiglieri and Scott Wetzlich

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