Dear Odd Fellows,

If you have all your Davis Odd Fellows Lodge #169 degrees (Initiatory Degree, Degree of Friendship, Degree of Love, and Degree of Truth) then you are eligible to take the next step in Odd Fellowship by joining Davis Encampment #21. I’m pleased to say that the Davis Encampment is offering a Degree Night where you can earn all three degrees in the Encampment (Patriarchal Degree, Golden Rule Degree, and Royal Purple Degree) in one evening. It’s a rare opportunity and it’s coming up on Wednesday, March 1, starting at 7 p.m. in the Upper Hall of the Lodge.

Davis Encampment #21 was instituted in 1955 (over 60 years ago). There are only 11 active Encampments in the State of California. We are fortunate to have one in Davis. Currently, we have 35 members*, led in 2017 by Chief Patriarch Tony Pruitt. Tony has assigned me to be the Degree Captain on March 1. We are one of the two largest Encampments in California and we are a very active Encampment. We have adopted the mission of providing financial help to children from low income Davis families so that they can have a summer camp or other summer experience. We provide the families with subsidies and scholarships for this purpose. We have provided this community service for many years now for a large number of children. The Davis Encampment meets once each month immediately following the Odd Fellows Lodge Saturday breakfast meeting. Dues are $45 per year; there is no additional fee to obtain the degrees.

And if you join the Encampment, you get to wear (if you wish) the much coveted purple and gold fez. In Odd Fellowship only members of the Encampment are permitted to wear the fez.

If YOU have your Odd Fellows degrees and are interested in joining the Encampment and receiving your Encampment Degrees on March 1, please e-mail me no later than next Thursday, February 23, and let me know and we will make arrangements to bring you into the Encampment fold.

F – H – C

Dave Rosenberg
Past Chief Patriarch

* Current Members of Davis Encampment #21:

Tony Pruitt, Chief Patriarch
Mary Superak, Senior Warden
Doug Hatton, Junior Warden
Joel Mandel, Scribe
Janis Rosenberg, Treasurer
Lea Rosenberg, Financial Scribe
Jim Cheney, High Priest
Robb White, Guide
Dave Rosenberg, First Watch
Kurt Roggli, Second Watch
Bob Bockwinkel, Third Watch
Sharla Cheney, Fourth Watch
Sheryl Cambron, Inside Sentinel
Dennis Corcoran, Outside Sentinel
Diane Steele
Cathy Aubill
Arun Sen
Lin Spangler
Chuck White
Bob Schelen
Dave Reed
Juelie Roggli
James Bledsoe
Duff Devine
Jeff Munoz
Claudia Lowe
Michael Lowe
Sue Treadwell
Tony Marigo
Charles Filmer
Sarah Worley
Steve Lopez
Christopher Young
Don Pixton
Darrell Pereira

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