In July, we will be scheduling an initiation into the Davis Encampment for those members of the Odd Fellows Lodge who hold the three Odd Fellows’ degrees and who wish to receive advance degrees.

When you became a member of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge, you received the Initiatory Degree at your initiation ceremony.  Some of you have gone on to receive the next three degrees of Odd Fellowship:  the degrees of Friendship, Love and Truth.  If you have the three degrees in our Odd Fellows Lodge you are eligible to move forward and receive three more degrees by joining the Davis Encampment.  So, for those who might be interested, here’s some information for you about the Davis Encampment:

1.  The Encampment is a “branch” of Odd Fellowship.  It was created many, many years ago to give Odd Fellows an ability to earn additional degrees (just like other fraternal orders).  The Davis Encampment #21 was instituted in the mid-1950’s, soon after our current Lodge was constructed.   The total of all the members in all the Encampments in California is less than 200 (a remarkably small number).  The Davis Encampment currently has  35 members (plus 3 applicants for membership) – we are, actually, the largest Encampment in California, and probably the USA.   While virtually all Encampments in California are shrinking in membership, the Davis Encampment is growing and thriving.

2.  You cannot join the Encampment unless you have all 3 Odd Fellows Degrees.  If you have the 3 degrees, you are eligible to join the Davis Encampment and obtain three more degrees:  The Patriarchal Degree, the Golden Rule Degree and the Royal Purple Degree – they are also called the degrees of Faith, Hope and Charity.  Davis Encampment #21 has all the officers that the Odd Fellows Lodge has except the offices generally have different titles.  For example, the “Noble Grand” of the Encampment is called the “Chief Patriarch” and the “Vice Grand” of the Encampment is called the “Senior Warden”, etc.   Dues to join the Davis Encampment are $44 per year.  Some of your favorite Odd Fellows are members of the Encampment!

3.  As an historical throwback, the members of the Encampment can wear the coveted Royal Purple fez with golden tassel.  This is strictly optional, but only Encampment members can wear the fez.

4.  The Davis Encampment meets once each month at the Lodge on the second Saturday of each month, usually in the Conference Room (and sometimes in the Upper Hall), around 11:00 a.m., immediately following the Odd Fellows Lodge breakfast meeting.

5.  Most Encampments have no real mission.  The Davis Encampment #21 is different.  We have a mission.  We send kids to summer camp – including kids who would not otherwise have that opportunity.  We use the Odd Fellows Three Links Camp – located near Yosemite – for that purpose.  This last summer, we sent 15 kids to camp – these are foster kids and kids from very low income families who otherwise would never have had a camp experience.  This coming summer, because 3-link camp closed this summer, we will only be sending 7 kids to camp.  Next year we hope to send 20 or more kids to camp.

6.  Many of our Encampment meetings are formal.  That is, we set the room up in proper style, we have a formal opening and a formal closing.

If you have your three Odd fellows’ degrees and are interested in joining the Davis Encampment #21 and earning three more degrees, please let me know in response to this e-mail.


Dave Rosenberg
Chief Patriarch
Davis Encampment #21

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