Our history, tradition and rituals are what make us uniquely “Odd Fellows.” Remembering and honoring our history is important. With this in mind, please step back in time with me and join me for a visit to the Historic Volcano Lodge in the tiny hamlet (population 110) of Volcano in Amador County. Volcano, itself, has some interesting history in California. It is one of the original Gold Rush towns. It is the site of the following firsts in this state: first theater group, first debating society, first circulating library, first private school, first private law school, and many more. The little town is full of historical sights and buildings. And one of those buildings is a Lodge, jointly owned by the Odd Fellows and Masons. Pursuant to an agreement between the two Orders, our ownership continues so long as we meet at the Lodge at least once each year.

I have scheduled our annual meeting at the Volcano Lodge to begin at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, September 19, 2015. This year our visit will be different than in past years. This will be a social meeting, so I invite all Odd Fellows, Rebekahs, family members (children are welcome) and guests. You will be amazed when you visit this Lodge. It’s like stepping back into time to the 1800’s, complete with gas lights. It’s well worth the visit. The social meeting will be quick – I anticipate no more than 20-30 minutes, and will focus on the history of the town and the Lodge. Following the meeting, I hope everyone present can join me for a lunch at noon at another historic building – the St. George Hotel – just down the street from the Lodge. The main building of the St. George was built in 1862, and the Dining Room and Saloon are vignettes from another age. If you are able to attend the social meeting and lunch, RSVP to Grand Marshal Nancy Johnson (not later than September 5) at sewkind@comcast.net with all the names of the folks in your party so we can make reservations for lunch at the St. George.

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