As you know, with 325 members, we have a large and vibrant Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) Lodge in Davis, with 60 Lodge Committees doing many things for the community and many things for the members. We thank you for being a member of this active and community-serving Lodge! Even though we are all laying low during this pandemic and our functions have been seriously restricted, we are still doing what we can for members and for the community.

I’m writing to ask you to consider also joining some sister organizations that we have right here in Davis. Very few IOOF Lodges in California have these opportunities, all in the same town (in fact, there are only two that have all branches available in the same town: Davis and San Francisco). In addition to our Davis Odd Fellows Lodge, we also have an Odd Fellows Encampment, the Davis Rebekah Lodge and Canton Davis. I’m writing to ask you if YOU would be interested in joining any or all of these. If so, write back to me and I will give you more details.

Davis Encampment #21

The Davis Encampment was formed in 1955 and has been operating continuously since then. The 2022 Chief Patriarch of the Davis Encampment is Kevin Sitz. If you have your three advanced degrees in the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge, you are eligible to join the Davis Encampment and to receive three more, advanced degrees: The Patriarchal Degree, the Golden Rule Degree, and the Royal Purple Degree. The Davis Encampment boasts 60 members, making it the largest Encampment in California and probably the USA. It is an active group, dedicated (when we are not in lockdown) to giving local children a summer experience – these are children who otherwise would not have the opportunity. (Plus, as a member of the Encampment, you get to wear – if you wish – the coveted and much-admired Royal Purple Fez with the Golden Tassel.) There are only 14 Encampments in all of California, and we have one right here in Davis.

Canton Davis #7

This is part of the Branch of Odd Fellowship (Patriarchs Militant) that offers the final and highest degree in our Order – the Degree of Universal Justice. “Cannton Davis” was chartered in 2013, so it is a relatively new unit for us. The 2022 Captain of Canton Davis is Kevin Sitz. Canton Davis is new, having been chartered just a few years ago. There are only 9 Cantons in all of California, and again, we have one right here in Davis. At one time, you could only join the Canton if you had all your Odd Fellows and all your Encampment Degrees. The rules have been changed so that you can join if you have all your Odd Fellows Degrees – you don’t have to have all your Encampment Degrees. We are small, but mighty, with 21 members (called Chevaliers – which is the French word for “Knights”) in the Canton Davis, making us one of the two largest in California.

Davis Rebekah Lodge #253

The Davis Rebekah Lodge was chartered in 1901 and currently has 37 members, making it one of the largest Rebekah Lodges in California. The 2022 Noble Grand of the Davis Rebekah Lodge is Charlene Sailer. It is an active Lodge of women and men and welcomes new members. The Rebekah Lodge provides significant community support to charitable and community organizations in Davis and Yolo County. The Lodge is very active in the “Child Spree” – providing school supplies and clothing to children in Yolo County whose families could not otherwise afford it. In the Rebekah Lodge you receive the Rebekah Degree. The colors of the Rebekah Degree are pink and green. The Davis Rebekah Lodge, in partnership with the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge, owns the building and the surrounding property (our tenants) through the Hall Board Association.

Again, if you are interested in joining any or all of these units, please let me know!

Davis Odd Fellows Lodge #169

Finally, if you have the Initiatory Degree in the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge, I remind you that there are three more degrees you can obtain in the Lodge: The Degree of Friendship, the Degree of Love, and the Degree of Truth. If you would like to become a Three-Degree Member of the Lodge (eligible to wear red rope regalia and eligible to hold elected or appointed office in the Lodge), please contact me and I will fill you in. There is no charge for these degrees, and we have them all on video, so it is very easy to confer and obtain. The 2022 Noble Grand of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge is Kurt Roggli.

In addition, I remind you that the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge Spring 2022 Pledge Class is now open for applicants. We just started this group and already have 3 Pledges in it. If you have a person you wish to sponsor for membership into the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge please let me know. We welcome applicants of all ages, starting at 16, all genders and any ethnicity. Pledges from the Millennial Generation and Generation X are especially welcomed as they are the future of Odd Fellowship. Strange as it may sound, this is an opportune time to sponsor someone to join the Lodge because we have reduced the pledge requirements (due to Covid) – it’s relatively easy to fulfill the requirements (all can be done electronically, telephonically, or on zoom).

Dave Rosenberg
All-purpose Membership Chair

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