June 1, 2013

To All Lodges,

Grand Lodge of California, IOOF

The Seal of the Grand Lodge of California, Independent Order of Odd Fellows

This year at Grand Lodge Sessions as Grand Master, I instituted a new Grand Lodge committee with the sole objective of researching ways in which to increase membership and disseminate information with our future in mind. Hopefully, all members will be in support of this and realize that without obtaining new members, our order may quickly cease to exist. This committee is probably not unknown to you, as it has been increasing in popularity to such a degree that at this past Grand Lodge Sessions a significant number of Grand Lodge Represent-atives were in attendance at their scheduled dinner on Thursday night. Therefore, based upon this fact, and the simple logic that membership should be an objective we all share, I am instituting the Dedicated Members for Change as a Grand Lodge committee.

Currently, the leaders of this committee are Grand Warden Dave Rosenberg and Past Sovereign Grand Master Don Smith.

Should you desire to be on this committee with these two fine members, please email me at the above address.

In F., L., & T.,
Rick Boyles, Grand Master

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