The trilogy is complete. Past Grand Master Dave Rosenberg has finished his third book in the “Future of Odd Fellowship” series, and it is available to order. The first book, published in 2012, was entitled The Future of Odd Fellowship – To Be or Not To Be, the second book, printed in 2015, was called The Future of Odd Fellowship – Evolution and Change, and the newest book is titled The Future of Odd Fellowship – The Next Century. This third book’s publication coincides with the 200th anniversary of Odd Fellowship in North America and will be available in April of 2019.

“There are literally hundreds and hundreds of books that have been written about Odd Fellowship,” said Rosenberg, “but all those books deal with the rich history of the Order. These three books are the only ones to my knowledge that contemplate the future of our fraternity.” The book encompasses 268 pages and contains 111 articles written by Rosenberg during the years 2015 through 2018.

The newest book can be ordered by writing to Rosenberg at his Lodge: Odd Fellows Lodge, 415 2nd Street, Davis CA 95616. Enclose a check for $15 for each book, payable to Dave Rosenberg, which covers the cost of printing and shipping.

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