Dear Dedicated Members for Change,

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and in recognition of that special holiday, I’m pleased to pass along to you a Thanksgiving message from Grand Chaplain Rita Cooper.

It’s certainly appropriate for us to reflect upon the gifts that we all enjoy: our lives, our family and friend, our health, our faith, our country, our community, our fraternity, and our ability to live in the spirit of friendship, love and truth.

F – L – T

Dave Rosenberg
Grand Master
Jurisdiction of California


Thanksgiving Message from the Grand Chaplain

Thanks…for so much!

As we begin to feel a nip in the autumn air and see the leaves turn to gold and drift back to earth, we recognize that Thanksgiving Day, a uniquely American celebration (Well yes, the Canadians do it too, just a little earlier.) will soon be with us again. A century or so ago the writer/philosopher Elbert Hubbard described it as “a national holiday on which all the people who during the past year have survived earthquake, fire, housemaid’s knee and death overeat and thank God for his favoritism.” Certainly survival is a worth object of gratitude, but as an Odd Fellow I find some special things to be thankful for:

  • The Friendship I feel from our brothers and sisters in our fraternal Order
  • My inclusion in an organization that stands, and has always stood, for Truth and Universal Justice
  • Our beautiful rituals and enduring traditions that remain alive and revered into a third century
  • Our elected California Odd Fellow leaders who are working so hard for the resurgence of our Order
  • The air of forgiveness because it eases the heart
  • Hugs, because they bring people close together
  • Thanksgiving Day gives us an enriched perspective on the abundance of our lives, so it makes me ask myself, “What actions can I take to fully express the meaning of Thanksgiving?”

With Love and Hope for all,

Rita Cooper
Grand Chaplain

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