Did you know there is a new Library on the Grand Lodge website? It is called the Odd Event Library. You can find it on the Grand Lodge home page under the “Odd Fellow Resources” drop-down button (at the top of the home page).

Make a Deposit. The Odd Event Library has two purposes. First, you can share your successes. You can post information about events your lodge has held that were successful or had potential. You will be asked to provide contact information and some details about what you did and how you did it. Your submission will share your experiences with other Odd Fellows who are looking for ideas for their lodge. It will only take a couple of minutes to submit an event.

I have seen and heard of many events by lodges that would be useful to other lodges to consider. We need you to share your experiences.

There are postings in the Odd Event Library for events for the community, fund-raising events, and social events for your lodge. I have yet to find a lodge that cannot try a new event to engage their members and connect with their community.

Check Out an Idea. The second purpose of the Odd Event Library is to provide ideas for us to try in our own lodge. Some ideas will be doable by any lodge. Others may not be easily copied but the event may inspire us to try something similar.

Look at the events in the Odd Event Library. Talk about them in your Lodge. Talk about trying just one new idea. Doing things are what we are about. Doing things will motivate our members. Doing things will help our communities and how our communities perceive us. Doing things will give others a reason to join the Odd Fellows.

We are what we do! Help build the Odd Event Library and use it!

In Friendship, Love and Truth
Dave Reed

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