Dear Dedicated Members for Change,

As we continue into the Holiday Season and as we approach the New Year, I am pleased to pass along this message from Grand Chaplain Rita Cooper.

F – L – T

Dave Rosenberg
Grand Master
Jurisdiction of California

Remembrance and Resolution

Brothers and Sisters,

I trust that we smile as we savor the last of the warm glow of the recent Holiday season with memories of the wonderful moments we may have been blessed with at Thanksgiving, at Christmas, or during Hanukkah. Or even on the Winter Solstice, remembering when ancient northern Europeans brought hope for the future by putting lights on small trees in the long snowy night, hoping to prompt and guide the return of the life-giving sun. And then perhaps we recall the exuberant welcoming of the New Year as we said goodbye to 2015, capping the year-end with observances and festivities.

So now the blank page of 2016 unfurls before us, challenging us to write another chapter of the noble history of our beloved Order. But I cannot help but observe that there are ever fewer of us to help write these chapters, to carry on our rich traditions and revere our rituals to pursue our time-honored mission. So I am asking all my Brothers and Sister to join me in a New Year’s resolution:

In 2016, I will make a consistent effort,
a project to identify good people,
people who would make good Odd Fellows.
I will reach out to them and introduce them to our Order.
I will work with my Brothers and Sisters in the Order
to recruit these invitees to join our Fellowship
and join with us as we build a future,
a future that keeps the lights burning,
the lights of Friendship, Love and Truth.

This resolution for recruitment and rebuilding is to ask my Brothers and Sisters to reach out to others and embrace them, to invite them join the fun, to support the core values, and projects and sustain the Mission of our Fraternal Order. Please join me in our effort to rebuild our ranks, re-energize our Order, a Fellowship committed to doing God’s work, working to bring Hope and Justice for all God’s children.


Rita Cooper
Grand Chaplain

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