Dear Dedicated Members for Change,

You won’t be receiving a DMC Newsletter for awhile. No, we aren’t going out of business. We have been sending these newsletters regularly since 2010, and intend to continue doing so for a long, long time. The reason we will see a hiatus in the newsletters is because I am traveling to Texas for the next week to attend the Sovereign Grand Lodge Session in Fort Worth. Although I have been a member of the Order for 11 years, this will be the first Sovereign Grand Lodge Session I have attended. I am going to Texas, not as a representative, but as the Grand Master of California – the largest jurisdiction in North America. In any event, upon my return I will report back to you as to my impressions of this session. So, stay tuned.

And, with regard to Sovereign Grand Lodge, below is a copy of an e-mail sent by Past Grand Master Rick Boyles to Sovereign Grand Lodge earlier this week, withdrawing as a candidate for Sovereign Grand Warden. I think the e-mail speaks for itself, but I will say that Rick is a class-act – real gentleman who embodies the spirit and intent of F – L – T. I am honored to call him my friend.

With Rick’s withdrawal, there now remain two candidates running for Sovereign Grand Warden – one from California (Past Grand Master Barry Prock) and a candidate from one of the eastern states.

Here is what Rick wrote to SGL:


Dear Brothers Jimmy Humphrey, Terry Barrett & Dave Rosenberg,

Although I was prepared to run for Sovereign Grand Warden, I feel that to do so now, after a scurrilous letter was circulated regarding my opponent, but also my friend, Barry Prock, would be wrong. I do have a moral compass, and if I were to continue to run for this position, the implication might be that I sent this letter. I did not. But, this letter apparently is meant to do damage to Barry’s reputation, which is not the way in which I would chose to win an election. Barry and I are often on opposing ends of an argument, but I also count him as a friend. Actually, I served as one of Barry’s appointive officers when he was Grand Master. The point is that the health of the order is more important than any one person. If we find who circulated such a letter, I believe that they should be brought up on charges. We may disagree philosophically but beyond that we should remember we revere F.L. & T. Many people offered me support for running, but I would not like to win an election under these circumstances. I will try my chances next year.

P.S. I am sorry to everyone for taking this long to make this decision, but it was a difficult one. I want to run for this position but will do so when I believe there is a level playing field. Again, some will be mad at me for withdrawing, and I don’t blame Barry for being mad at me for not dropping out earlier, but I have felt conflicted by all the support I have received. I don’t mean to let anyone down. However, this letter worries me and if I were to somehow win, which I doubt, I would always feel that the reason was this letter, which has damaged us all.

In F., L., & T., Rick Boyles

F – L – T

Dave Rosenberg
Grand Master
Jurisdiction of California

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