Dear Dedicated Members for Change,

One of the absolute best programs we have ever devised for membership development is the Grand Lodge Membership Event Grant Program. This program supports Lodges in their unique efforts to generate new member applications. No one tells you what to do or how to plan your event. YOU choose. And you can obtain a grant of up to $1,000 from the Grand Lodge for your plan. What is stopping you?

Below is a full explanation of the program, written by Deputy Grand Master Peter Sellars, who also serves as the active Chair of the Membership Committee. As Grand Master, I am in complete support of this program. I have chatted with the members of some Lodges and they tell me that they aren’t aware of this program. So, we are trying to get the word out as best we can.

I would think every Lodge in California would be interested in applying for these grants. The process is simple and quick. I know, of course, that most Lodges won’t apply. That’s a shame. But I will be delighted if, in this year, we have at least 30 Lodges that apply for the grants. Get on it!

F – L – T

Dave Rosenberg
Grand Master
Jurisdiction of California


The Membership Event Grant program was launched over two years ago and has provided funding up to a thousand dollars for Odd Fellows lodges’ membership events.

In 2013, on the last day of sessions, Resolution #8, was presented to the Grand Body by Brother Randy Krassow. It passed. The program committed $150,000.00, $50,000.00 per year for up to $1,000.00 grants for lodges over a three year span.

We are in year 3. The the first year, twenty-two lodges participated. The the second year, only seven lodges participated, despite notices being sent to lodges. The third year started on May 18, 2015. Already, within one month, seven lodges have been awarded grants. We are on a good pace!

Brothers and Sisters, what is stopping you from applying for the grant? Have you ever had an idea where an older member gets up and says, “We can’t do that, because it isn’t in the budget!” We all know those members too well. The failure mechanism, before the plan even gets off the ground. There is no greater good to place money, but in a sound Membership Idea – including an event.

The Grand Lodge has made it possible to get funding for your event. It is easy! Simply draft a one-page letter with three paragraphs. The first paragraph should explain the event (or need); the second paragraph should give a cost for the event. The last paragraph must include your explanation on how you believe this event shall attract applicants. Then email your letter to the email address below. Include your Secretary and Noble Grand’s names, along with your lodge heading. If you do not have email, simply send it to the below address.

Some of the things lodges have done to attract new members:

1. Art Show
2. Outings
3. Created Brochures
4. Created Banners
5. BBQ’s
6. Participation in City events (parades, festivals, car shows) where the lodge set up a booth
7. Dinner events with guest speakers and much much more.

Let’s get into our communities!!! Send requests to: Peter V. Sellars, Membership Committee Chairman IOOF 26 – 7th Street San Francisco, CA 94103 Or Email:

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