Dear Dedicated Members for Change,

It is with great pleasure that I send you this article recently written by my friend and new Odd Fellows Grand Master of California Peter Sellars. He has served as a leader in his Lodge and in this Order for many years, and he was a charter member of DMC. He knows and understands Odd Fellowship as few others do. He is a respected author, having written a number of books on the history of this Order. He is both a visionary and a realist. This is his first article for the DMC Newsletter as Grand Master, and we expect many more in the coming year.

I predict that Peter will be a progressive, dynamic and no-nonsense Grand Master. His article shows the path forward.

F – L – T

Dave Rosenberg
Past Grand Master


A Long Road, But Always Looking Forward

First, I wish to thank those members who put me in the position I now find myself serving. Although it has only been two weeks, it has been a busy two weeks. “Welcome To The Position of Grand Master month.” It is important this message and every group message of the Dedicated Members For Change (DMC) be shared around the Order. I have asked that these messages written by several members, continue to be placed on the Grand Lodge of California webpage, the Grand Lodge Facebook page, and anywhere else they may be seen and read by our membership.

This year shall be similar to last year, in that a message of progression within our Order continue. My predecessor, Past Grand Master Dave Rosenberg, has set the bar for me to follow, which I intend on doing. But, I also have a message of my own. I also have membership at the forefront of our goals and concerns, in addition, to lodges being active within their communities. Every member, who has been in this seat is concerned with membership.

Your lodge appearance and the property it sits on, is wholly representative of its members and their integrity. Keep your meeting places well-maintained.

This message is addressed to members and potential members, alike. I want all of you to know the opportunity that is right in front of you! If you EVER thought of helping people within your community and doing things for the betterment of your society, here is an opportunity. The Odd Fellows Lodge is the opportunity; it a the place to work from and perform good works within your community. Here, you have an existing lodge, a 501c(8), an existing tax-exempt organization, a building and lodge hall to work from, and everything else intact to perform your activities within the community. You do not need to create a new corporation or do the work to establish another non-profit. The Odd Fellows are already in place.

Work from our lodges, our corporations, our tax-exempt group.

You join the Odd Fellows, receive your degrees, follow the Ritual, conduct the business by specific guidelines, follow the law, and meet specific requirements, and you are in business. You present and incorporate your wonderful ideas and perform them in the name of the lodge. And, you find yourself fulfilling your dreams of helping your community and other causes. I want to see you succeed! I want to hear about your activities. I want to hear how your lodge is doing something within its community or raising money to help another cause. There are so many ways to get involved and help others. I challenge all of you to take up the cause and get active in your communities. Make your this world a better place to live.

Membership has always been my concern. I always wanted to belong to a lodge full of people. When I joined my first lodge, there were only a few active people, so I brought in friends and family and encouraged new activities. When I moved, I found another lodge to transfer my membership, and do the same thing. I brought my friends and family into the new lodge. That lodge grew from a quorum of five members to over 200 members. Of course, what started as my effort, turned into a lodge effort. We find ourselves supporting numerous community events, some for our enjoyment and benefit and more for the community.

There are lodges so successful, I can only be hopeful these successful lodges share their stories and activities with the rest of us. Tell us how you did it! We want to know. Tell us what you do for your members and your community. The Dedicated Members For Change (DMC), is our forum. This year, shall be a busy year, but I still want to know what you are doing. Hopefully, you have had a chance to read my message from my installation night. I set basic standards of what I expect of each lodge. Meet with a quorum. Have a business meeting each month. Submit your reports and per capita on time. Follow the Ritual. Try to have at least one community event this year. It isn’t difficult and it won’t impede on your lodges activities. Also, if I am visiting your lodge, which I have notified all of the lodges I am visiting, be sure you conduct a business meeting. I am visiting your lodge for a reason. I want to see that you understand and follow the Ritual and know how to properly conduct business. I hope to write a message every month. I wish all of your lodges the best this year.

F – L – T

Peter Sellars
Grand Master
Jurisdiction of California

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