Dear Dedicated Members for Change,

I originally sent this message out on October 4, 2015. I send it again as a reminder that YOUR LODGE is eligible to participate in this fun effort. Check it out. The deadline for submissions is March 30, 2016!

Even though most of our Lodges are located in the very heart of our towns, many of them are virtually invisible or are in need of a significant “pep-up”. I have seen Lodges with little or no signage to identify them as a Lodge of Odd Fellowship. I have also seen Lodges that are sad and droopy on the outside. The image portrayed is one of lack of care, and of an old and tired Order. This is not the image we should portray to the public.

So, to make an effort to upgrade the image of our Lodges, I am launching, with approval of the Grand Lodge Board of Directors, a “Lodge Beautification Challenge.” All Odd Fellows Lodges in California are invited to participate. Here’s how it works:

1. I ask your Lodge to work on creating higher and better visibility in your community by beautification of the exterior of your Lodge building. These efforts can include such things like clean-up, painting, new doors and windows, signage, landscaping, awnings, etc.

2. Any California Odd Fellows Lodge may participate. The time period starts now in October and runs through the end of March, 2016. Eligible work must be accomplished during the time period October 2015-March 2016. No work prior to or after those dates shall be submitted. Entries must be submitted not later than March 30, 2016. Entries should include the name of the Lodge and a very brief narrative of what the Lodge did to beautify the exterior. The entry must be accompanied by “before” and “after” photographs. All entries must be submitted to:

Grand Master
Lodge Beautification Committee
Grand Lodge of California
14414 Oak Street, Suite B
Saratoga, CA 95070

3. A Lodge Beautification Committee will evaluate all entries during the month of April. I have appointed Past Grand Master Rod Metoyer as Chair of this committee. The Committee shall choose a first place winner, a second place winner, a third place winner, and up to seven honorable mention winners. Each winner will receive a plaque, and the first place winner will also receive $500, second place $300, and third place $100. All winners will be announced in April 2016, and will be further recognized at Grand Lodge Sessions in May.

There are two ways that Odd Fellows Lodges can increase visibility in their respective communities. One way is by active participation in the community. The second is by increasing the visibility of the Lodge Hall. This program addresses the latter, and I hope many Lodges accept the challenge. It’s good for the Lodge, and it’s good for the Order.

F – L – T

Dave Rosenberg
Grand Master
Jurisdiction of California

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