Dear Dedicated Members for Change,

Let me start by stating the obvious: A person who is 22 years old has a different set of childhood memories, history, and interests than does a person who is 82 years old – or, for that matter, a person who is 42 or 62.

For an Odd Fellows Lodge to be truly viable, strong and active, it needs members who encompass ALL those generations. And you can’t be effective in attracting other generations to your Lodge unless you understand their language, interests, and priorities. A Lodge composed of members who are exclusively from one generation is like an orchestra composed entirely of tubas. A Lodge composed of members of many generations is like an orchestra of many instruments. The former is boring and does not attract new members. The latter is dynamic, and the symphonic sound will attract a wide variety of interest.

At the recent California Membership Educational Seminar held earlier this month, Michael Greenzeiger and Linnea Bredenberg, members of Mountain View Lodge #244, presented an informative and well-received lecture on the subject of “communication between generations.” The talk by Michael and Linnea highlighted the different perspectives of the generations, and gave us a great deal of insight. It is my pleasure to forward, as an attachment, their Power Point presentation entitled “Communication Between Generations.” I think you will find it fascinating! More importantly, it has direct application to your Lodge’s membership development activities.

F – L – T

Dave Rosenberg
Past Grand Master
Jurisdiction of California

Michale Greenzeiger Seminar Presentation

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