Dear Dedicated Members for Change,

Our Grand Master Peter Sellars said he would release a monthly “Grand Master’s Message” and true to his word, he has done so. I am pleased to forward on to you his November message of encouragement to members and Lodges. In his message, the GM mentions the important Membership Educational Seminar which is coming up in mid-January. (Please see the attached information sheet and registration form.) TIME IS RUNNING OUT TO REGISTER for the Seminar. Note the registration deadline which is in month – the deadline is December 10. Don’t delay or put this aside. Start the process of registration for the seminar now. And please be aware that most Lodges will reimburse you all or part of your registration costs.

F – L – T

Dave Rosenberg
Past Grand Master


Brothers And Sisters:

A fast pace first half of my year is coming to a slow down. I have done 33 visits to date and have seen some successful lodges; and, I have seen some struggling lodges. In every lodge, I have visited, the lodge did at least one good project.

The ritualistic work and the way we conduct our meetings is important. This is what defines our lodge meetings, as opposed to other organizations. We should all be uniform in the way we follow the Ritual.

There has been some inconsistency with regard to lodges performing their meetings alike. Some lodges, without a financial Secretary (which is permissible), do not know how to respond when the Noble Grand asks for the duty of this office. If there is not a Financial Secretary, then the Secretary states the duty to the Financial Secretary. Some lodges do not know how to receive a Grand Master, during an Official Visit. It take a couple of times, I know. Some Wardens have never done the Honors of the Order. This is evident in the visits.

I am only listing some things that I have seen. This is not to be critical, but it does call out for more training.

The training of all of the lodge procedures and answers on “how-to” should be coming from the District Deputy Grand Master (DDGM). By now, your lodge should have received an Official Visit by the DDGM. Every DDGM receives an instructions letter from brother Ray Mills, the Grand Instructor, EVERY MONTH. These often contain important messages to  he lodges. Hopefully, these important messages are being passed along by the DDGM.

One of those messages included encouragement for attending the upcoming Membership, Educational Seminar, which is open for ALL members. This is where we go over important lodge procedures and answer questions of members. (We know members have questions.) Also, to an extent, some matters can be resolved while at the session, since I shall be attending. Let the instructors help you. Let the leaders help you. The seminar is a great place to share concerns and ideas. Questions can be anonymous and placed on paper. This Order is all of ours, not just a few. This year’s seminar is once again being held in Reno, Nevada, at the El Dorado Hotel. SIgn up, now.

I have had only 4 districts without DDGM, which I have taken action to motivate members to serve. I say if you have a district of 7 lodges (as is the case of two of these districts without a recommendation of a DDGM), then something is terribly wrong in that district. I have broken two districts up in hopes of reducing the workload for any potential DDGM, to motivate someone – at least ONE MEMBER willing to serve in that position.

Those districts without deputies are the ones I plan to drop in on in the second half of my year. I want to see why a district of 7 lodges cannot find one capable member to serve. This is why I pushed to get through my required visits in the first 6 months or less, so I could take corrective and direct actions to help these obviously weak districts.

Let us work together to build our Order. Let us work together to improve ourselves as members. Let us do this because we have self-dignity and self-respect and integrity. We are judged by our actions as well as our inactions. If you cannot succeed in the Odd Fellows organization, where are you going to succeed? This is not difficult. Apply yourself and take some pride in how you conduct your meetings. Be willing to learn. Then learn. Then, teach.

I hope to see many more of you in the coming months.

In Friendship, Love, & Truth,

Peter V. Sellars
Grand Master

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