Dear Dedicated Members for Change,

While this Order evolves to fit the 21st Century, there are certain truths that remain inviolate. Friendship, Love and Truth never go out of style.

In this regard, I will share with you a recent e-mail I received from the Jurisdiction of New Hampshire. The message was very revealing – displaying a Lodge that is not only dynamic, but young. But significantly, a Lodge where the members practice F-L-T. I am very proud of Beaver Brook Lodge #36 in Keene, New Hampshire.

As I travel around the State of California, visiting Lodges and attending IOOF events, I am pleased to see the level of true fellowship and warm camaraderie among members of this Order. However, I am occasionally struck by the fact that some of our members seem to always be critical of others, angry or upset at someone or something, or carry some ancient grudge that they have against another member. Here’s a word of advice: Get over it. Move on. It can’t be fun or enjoyable for you. Remember, and practice, the principles of Friendship, Love and Truth.

F – L – T

Dave Rosenberg
Grand Master
Jurisdiction of California

Good evening,
I wanted to write to and tell you about the elections in Beaver Brook lodge #36 in Keene NH.

We had 27 voting members present with 4 Grand Lodge officers in attendance observing the election (we jokingly called them peace keepers lol) and 4 children under the age of 8 in the ante room rec area being watched over by the Grand Secretary Kevin Taylor. We were concerned he would have too much fun with the kids but they seemed to not hog tie him. to say it was impressive and enjoyable was an understatement.
The Noble Grand election was uncontested.
Vice Grand had 3 candidates with 2 rounds of voting followed by the brothers and sister hugging it out after the result announced with pledges of support to each other.
Secretary was uncontested. But we have a new one.
Financial secretary had 2 candidates and it was a close contest.
Treasurer was uncontested.
3 year trustee 6 candidates with 2 rounds of voting.
2 X 1 year trustee we had 8 candidates this surprisingly only had 1 round and was the most interesting vote of the night from a land slide approach.
The reason I share this story and results is at 35 I was the 2nd oldest person in the room running for any office. Our Noble Grand Elect is 24, Vice Grand is 24 our treasurer is 30 Financial (me) is 35 and secretary is 40. Of the trustees the average age is now 26. Our meeting lasted for 3 hours and had all the suspense of a Grand Lodge election coupled with honest fraternalism. The brothers and sisters enjoyed each others company and showed what even in defeat true brotherly affection can look like. And it’s examples like that which shows why we have 6 candidates for initiation for October and why the young members are learning their ritualistic work from memory. We have built a family and the 3 dimensions of our lodge implemented. Any lodge which wishes to survive must remember the following.
Ego checked at the door, do things together often. Doesn’t matter what, just do things. And be there for each other. Rejoice in all things that make each other happy and proud and be the shoulder to be cried upon when needed. Thank you for reading and G-d bless our order!

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