Dear Dedicated Members for Change,

I wish to thank three Lodges which have stepped up to be sponsors of “Tacos, Tunes & Tales” during Grand Lodge Sessions. More information on this event follows, and is also included on the attached invitation. Thank you to Davis Odd Fellows Lodge #169 (contributed $500), Berkeley Odd Fellows Lodge #270 (contributed $250), and Yerba Buena Odd Fellows Lodge #15 (contributed $250). These Lodges are co-sponsoring the event, and because of their generous donations, we are able to keep the cost of the event for each participant to a rock-bottom price of $10 per person. We welcome other sponsors for the event – if your Lodge (or if you, as an individual) wish to be a Sponsor, just follow the directions below, and you will be recognized in pre-event newsletters and at the event itself.

It is my great pleasure to invite you to what has now become an annual event hosted by the Odd Fellows Dedicated Members for Change. Please see the attached invitation, with all the details.

The DMC Committee and I, and co-sponsors Davis Lodge #169, Berkeley Lodge #270 and Yerba Buena Lodge #15, are hosting a reception during Grand Lodge Sessions at the Grand Lodge Hotel (the DoubleTree in Modesto). The reception will begin at 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 12, 2016. We’re calling it “Tacos, Tunes & Tales” because we are featuring a taco bar buffet, live musical entertainment, a no-host bar, and short speeches from me and the Deputy Grand Master Peter Sellars. We will also invite up to the microphone speakers representing Lodges that have done some innovative and interesting things for the members and for the communities in which they reside. It should be a fun, sociable and relaxing evening for all.

The cost per person is a remarkably low $10. We are able to keep the cost affordable due to the generosity of members and Lodges who sponsor this event. We will thank and identify those generous members and Lodges in future newsletters and at the May 12 event. In this regard, if you or your Lodge wish to be a sponsor of the DMC reception, just let me know. We are happy to include you. Just send me an e-mail and let me know you will be a sponsor and the amount of your sponsorship. Typically, member sponsors contribute $100, and Lodge sponsors contribute $250, $500 or more. Checks should be made payable to “Grand Lodge of California” and should be mailed to my attention:

Dave Rosenberg, Grand Master
Odd Fellows Lodge
415 2nd Street
Davis CA, 95616

I will turn all sponsorship checks over to the Grand Treasurer Jay Johnson and they will be credited to the DMC reception to help subsidize the event.

And if you wish to attend, print out the invitation, print the names of the attendees (use extra sheet if you need them) and mail the invitation and your check for $10 per person pursuant to the instructions on the invitation. See you in Modesto in May!

Thank you!

F – L – T

Dave Rosenberg
Grand Master
Jurisdiction of California

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