The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge #169 is delighted to report that last evening, July 24, 2013, our membership voted to initiate the following eighteen (18) new members into our Lodge:

Heather Barnes
David Boyer
Davis Campbell
Margie Cabral
Mike Cabral
Nicole Chafee
Val Dolcini
Melinda Hillis
Brett Lemke
Amanda Maples
Rene Martucci
Findlay McIntosh
Solveig Monson
Cesar Morales
Dean Ranns
Valerie Ranns
Amanda Schwabe
Richard Urbino

These new members will be initiated at the Lodge meeting of August 28, 2013, during the regular Lodge meeting.

Congratulations to our new Odd Fellows!

F – L – T

Dave Rosenberg
Chair, Membership & Initiation Committee
Davis Odd Fellows Lodge # 169

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