A few months ago, Dave Rosenberg nominated the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge to receive the annual Thong B. Huynh Memorial Award for “excellence in community involvement”.  We are delighted to announce that onTuesday, April 29, 2013, the Davis City Council selected the Davis Lodge #169 as the recipient of this important and prestigious award!

The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge is very deserving, for all the good community works it has done over the years in Davis and Yolo County.  Lodge members should all be proud of this recognition in which you all share.

The actual Thong B. Huynh Memorial Award will be presented to the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge on Tuesday, May 21, at 6:30 p.m. in the Davis City Council Chambers.  Our five elected officers – Noble Grand Bob Schelen, Vice Grand Lea Rosenberg, Secretary Alekka Fullerton, Treasurer Penny Smith, and Financial Secretary Steve Lopez – will all be present to represent the Lodge and receive the award.

Below is the information from the City of Davis Administrative Offices


Russell Boulevard, Suite 1 – Davis, California 95616
530-757-5602 – FAX: 530-757-5603 – TDD: 530-757-5666

May 2, 2013

Mr. Dave Rosenberg

Dear Mr. Rosenberg:
I am pleased to inform you that the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge has been selected by the Davis Human Relations Commission and the Davis City Council to receive one of this year’s City of Davis Thong Hy Huynh Memorial Awards, which recognize outstanding service in addressing human rights issues. The Odd Fellows have been chosen to receive the Excellence in Community Involvement Award for their many efforts to promote positive human relations throughout the community.

The City Council will be presenting the awards at their meeting on May 21, followed by a simple reception. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Chambers, 23 Russell Blvd. and the presentations will be made as soon after that as possible.

Recipients receive an individual certificate and the name of the organization will be included on the city’s “Thong Hy Huynh Perpetual Plaque,” which hangs in the lobby of the Community Chambers.

I hope that a representative(s) of the group will be able to accept the award and encourage you to invite anyone with whom you may want to share this event.

Please contact me if you have any questions. If no one is not able to attend, please let me know so that we may make alternate arrangements.

Kelly Stachowicz
Deputy City Manager

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