Davis Lodge #163 presented a check for $1,401 (a nice odd number) to benefit the RISE Winters High School Mentoring Program. Here, Juelie Roggli, a member of the Lodge’s Music & Concerts Committee presents the check to some of the Winters High School students during a meeting at the Lodge Hall. The funds were raised during a recent concert organized by the Music & Concerts Committee, honoring the life and music of Pete Seeger, held at the Lodge Hall, and attended by over 200 members of the public.

RISE, Inc. (Rural Innovations in Social Economics, is a Yolo County non-profit public benefit corporation serving the rural community to enhance the quality of life and opportunities for self-sufficiency. The mentoring program at Winters High School is called “Celebrating Success” and is made up of Winters High School students who mentor, tutor, play sports and take field trips on behalf of younger students whose families do not have the resources to do these things themselves.

The photo is of Juelie Roggli and Winters High School students who have organized the Mentoring Program. JuelieRoggliMentoringProgram20140427

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