Noble Grand Lea Rosenberg bestowed a number of awards upon members of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge. Awards were presented to members at our installation dinner on January 17, 2015.  A hearty congratulations to all.

Merit Jewel Awards

Kurt and Juelie Roggli – They continue to be active members of the Lodge, primarily as driving forces on the Music Committee. They organize the monthly Thursday Live events at the Lodge, and they organized our first ever very successful New Year’s Eve Party. But that’s not all. They attend meetings and initiations, and they have become active on the Classic Film Festival Committee. And Juelie was the driving force in the very successful Encampment Garage Sale at the Lodge.

Stewart Savage – Stewart is being recognized for putting together the best Odd Fellows website in California. This website is full of information and is constantly updated. As head of the Communications and Website Committee, Stewart helps keep Odd Fellows in the public eye. The website is also a great tool for communication within the Lodge. Stewart has also put together the Grand Lodge website, and he was instrumental in helping the Grand Lodge move to electronic voting.

Dave Reed – Dave is a Past Grand of this Lodge, but he continues to be very active. He organized caroling last month at the retirement community, he formed and continues to lead the “Take a Hike” committee, he organizes the annual St Patrick’s Party and Pub Quiz, and the annual Halloween Costume Party. He served as President of the Hall Board last year and he is a Trustee of the Lodge. Dave truly deserves to be recognized for his many continued contributions to this Lodge.

Renee Liston – She is the go-to gal when we need tickets or fliers designed. She has helped both Lodges with Breakfast with Santa, Breakfast with the Bunny, Taste of Davis, Crab Feed, and other fliers and tickets. And on top of that she has co-chaired this great Installation and Awards Dinner.

Dave Rosenberg – Also a Past Grand of this Lodge, Dave continues to support this Lodge in many big and small ways. He is Chair of the Membership & Initiation Committee working with pledges all year, and served as Conductor during initiations. He organized the annual OddtoberFest as well as this Installation and Awards Dinner. He is active on the Bingo Committee as a caller. He is active on the Good Fellowship Committee helping organize Club Night and serving as the Trivia Master. He started the very popular Odd Fellows Classic Film Festival. He organized the wine trip to Amador County, and he helps organize the wine club monthly events. As Trustee of the Lodge he works closely with the Financial Secretary and the Treasurer. Dave has also written many press releases for Lodge events – whenever asked.

Rene Martucci and Richard Urbino – As the musical group Cold Shot, Richard and Rene have donated their time and talent at so many Odd Fellows events including this Installation and Awards Dinner, but they have also performed at the OddtoberFest, the Halloween Party, and at the Odd Fellows Classic Film Festival. We thank them for their talent and their musical contributions to the Lodge. They showed up at the Wine Club gathering in December, played their music, and provided a whole new dimension of fun to the event.

Jean-Paul Montreuil and Heather Barnes – Always ready to pitch in and help. Jean-Paul is one of the 2015 Co-Chairs of our Bingo committee and served as a Bingo caller in 2014. He got trained on the AV equipment and no trains other members of the Lodge. He pitched in to be the projectionist at the Classic Movie Festival. Heather and Jean-Paul often are trivia masters at Club Night. Heather also serves as a member of the Taste of Davis Committee.

Sharla Cheney – The only reason that Sharla didn’t receive an award like the Noble Grand’s Award, or the Member of the Year Award, or the Spirit Award this year is because she has already won each of them in prior years. Sharla continues to be invaluable to the Lodge in many big and small ways. For example, she was the volunteer coordinator for Breakfast with Santa, she kept track of the steps in our 50 million step challenge, and she worked with a CPA to straighten out a big tax issue with the IRS on behalf of the Odd Fellows and Rebekah Lodges.

Alekka and Michael Fullerton – A great husband and wife team, always ready to lend a hand. Alekka served as Secretary of the Lodge in 2014 and Michael headed up the Senior Project Committee. They also helped out during and after Breakfast with Santa, and (with their son, Graham) have achieved all degrees in Odd Fellowship, all the way up to Patriarchs Militant.

Janis Rosenberg – Although Janis is a new member of the Lodge, she has pitched right in and has gotten very active. She designed the new Lodge Membership tri-fold as well as the Rent Davis Lodge tri-fold. And she also designed the two poster boards outside the Lodge. Janis has been active with the Bingo Committee, the Breakfast with Santa Committee, and the New Year’s Eve Party Committee. She has also agreed to Co-Chair the Picnic Day Float Committee for the Lodge. And even though she is a new member, Janis has already brought in five new applicants for membership in the Lodge.

Jeff Oblinger – A face we have often seen around the Lodge, but another brand new member is Jeff Oblinger. Jeff got involved right away with Bingo and will become Co-Chair of the Bingo Committee in 2015. He was one of the cooks in the kitchen during Breakfast with Santa, and he pitches in to help during events at the Lodge, whenever and wherever needed – although he is not a Rebekah, he is helping the Rebekahs with their Crab Feed. Jeff is always around with a smile and a good sense of humor – unless you diss the Steelers.

Dody Black – Dody has one of the toughest jobs around the Lodge, often having to tell members to follow the rules and submit the right forms. But she keeps the place organized in her role as Operations Manager. Over and above that, Club Night at the Lodge – offered every Thursday – is the brainchild of Dody and is a regular and popular feature of the Good Fellowship Committee.

Sheryl Cambron and Holly Bishop – As the long-time Co-Chairs of the Community Support Committee, Sheryl and Holly make sure the Lodge properly supports local community groups. They have considered dozens of requests for sponsorships, co-hosted events, money and tickets – and have done a great job.

Arun Sen – Always with a smile on his face, an open hand of friendship, and a kind word, Arun exemplifies the best in Odd Fellowship’s slogan of Friendship, Love and Truth. He also is the long-time chair of the Finance Committee.

Bob Schelen – Bob, the immediate Past Grand of the Lodge, remains active as head of the Social Services Committee – doing hands-on work with the most needy in our community.

Debbie Friend – Debbie has been a long-time active member of the Music Committee, and she also pitches in to help whenever and wherever needed. She was actively involved in decorating the stage for Breakfast with Santa, and was an active member of the New Year’s Eve Party at the Lodge – the Hall really looked like a venue for a New Year’s Party because of her decorating skill.

Doug Hatton – Everyone’s favorite Santa. Doug has the giving and loving spirit of a true Odd Fellow. Doug gives generously of his time as an active member of the Music Committee, but he is well known as Santa, not only for our Breakfast with Santa, but at other venues. And he donates the money he earns to help needy kids go to summer camp through our Encampment. If you ever have watched him at Breakfast with Santa, you see a gentleman who spends quality time with each and every child.

The Spirit Award

Every year we present an award to the Odd Fellow who works hard for the benefit of the Lodge and who best represents the spirit of friendship, love and truth. This year’s award winner of the Spirit Award is full of energy and enthusiasm, and always views the glass of life as a full one – in fact, overflowing. This year’s recipient worked hard behind the scenes for the Lodge and its members. The award winner never asked for praise or recognition or rewards – just did the job. The recipient of the Spirit Award this year goes to . . . . Duff Devine!

The Noble Grand’s Award

Each year the Noble Grand of the Lodge has the opportunity to recognize a member of the Lodge who has made a major contribution to the advancement of the Lodge. This year’s recipient clearly fits the category and is very deserving. This recipient has worked endless weekend hours, often in tedious tasks, to make sure our Lodge was run properly and correctly. The recipient of the Noble Grand’s Award is our long-time Lodge Treasurer . . . . Penny Smith!

The Member of the Year Award

This is a very difficult award to present each year, because we have so many members of the Lodge who could easily be recipients of the Award. It’s hard to single out one recipient. So, I didn’t just pick one. I picked recipients who have made our lives a little better, a little more fun, and a little “fuller”. The member of the year award goes to our hard-working Saturday morning breakfast crew: Rea Nakanishi, Vic Bucher, Amy Hodam and Steve Lopez.

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