On February 27, Davis Lodge #169 initiated ten new members into the Order.  Pictured left to right starting in the front row are Amy Hodam, Raquel Silva, Cindy Passmore, Noble Grand Bob Schelen, Cindy Garcia, and Eric Davis; back row left to right are Jean-Paul Montreuil, Scott Schiller, Bill Pride, Dharmaveer Shetty, and Matt De Moura.

With these additions, the Davis Lodge membership grew to 190.  The Davis Lodge membership ranges in age from 16 (the youngest) to 88 (the eldest) and has an almost equal number of men and women.  So many men and women submit applications to the Davis Lodge that two initiations are scheduled each year, following a six-month pledge period where applicants have to fulfill requirements, attend Lodge events, participate in Lodge committees, and display a real willingness to become active Lodge members.

The next class of applicants is the Fall 2013 Pledge Class which has 29 members.

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