Odd Fellows Hall Board

Updated June 3, 2022

The Hall Board Association is a California Corporation formed around 1956, soon after the current Odd Fellows Lodge Hall was built. The Hall Board Association was formed by the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge (called Yolo Lodge in those days) and the Davis Rebekah Lodge. The Hall Board Association is composed of six members, three from each Lodge. The three elected Trustees of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge and the three elected Trustees of the Davis Rebekah Lodge are the six members. The Trustees are elected by each Lodge to three-year terms, and the elections are staggered.

The Hall Board Association is the actual owner of the Davis Lodge Hall, as well as the adjacent property of the two Lodges. In addition to the Lodge Hall, the Hall Board Association is the owner (and landlord) of adjacent rental property which includes Hunan Chinese Bar and Restaurant, The Refinery, Treehouse Vintage, and Elite Property Management. Plus we rent our commercial Kitchen to Some Food Company which operates the Ford Vanette Food Truck parked next to the Lodge. All fixtures and furniture are also owned by and managed by the Hall Board.

In the last few years, the Hall has spent close to $1 million in a complete remodel and facelift of the Lodge Hall including a new elevator, new restrooms, new carpeting, wood paneling, new equipment in the kitchen, large screen projection systems in the Upper and Lower Halls, new window coverings, new HVAC units, new ceilings and chandeliers, roof upgrades, new flooring, new IOOF signs, and more.


Hall Board Association Officers and Members

  • President Dave Rosenberg
  • Vice President Juelie Roggli
  • Treasurer Howie Spero
  • Secretary Dave Reed
  • Trustee Lea Rosenberg
  • Trustee Beth Dovi

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