Davis Encampment #21 initiated five new members into the Encampment on the evening of September 17.  The new Patriarchs and Matriarchs are:

Christopher Young
Joel Mandel
Shannon McCall
Brett Lemke
Jeff Munoz

At the initiation, the new members of the Encampment received all three degrees of the Encampment: The Degree of Faith (the Patriarchal Degree); the Degree of Hope (The Golden Rule Degree); and the Degree of Charity (the Royal Purple Degree).   The initiation was led by Chief Patriarch Dave Reed, and he was assisted by Encampment members:  Juelie and Kurt Roggli, Duff Devine, Dennis Corcoran, Arun Sen, Mary Superak, Debbie Friend, and Sharla Cheney.

The Davis Encampment was chartered in 1955, and with the addition of the five new members, currently has 41 members, all of whom hold all three Encampment degrees.  Davis Encampment #21 is the largest Encampment in the State of California.  In total, only 195 Odd Fellows in California posses the degrees of the Encampment, and with 41 members in Davis, it can be said that over 20% of all Encampment members in California come from the Davis Encampment.

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