Continuing a community service begun over seven years ago, Davis Encampment #21 announced that 2020 scholarships are now available for local families who apply. These scholarships enable children to register for classes provided by the City of Davis Parks and Recreation staff. Available programs include:

* Week long day camps including Summer Quest, Rainbow Summer or Voyagers

* Youth Swimming Classes or Youth or Family recreation swim passes

* Gymnastics

* Sports clinics in flag football, soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and golf

* Specialty camps such as engineering, robotics, animation or comic book creation, arts and crafts, film-making, skate camp, and more

* Music camp – rock band camp

To apply for the scholarship, parents/guardians need only to go to, click on “Lodge Programs” and then “Summer Camp Scholarships”. A full explanation of the program is provided, as is access to the simple application form.

The Davis Encampment has adopted as one of its missions to facilitate and fund summer programs and summer camp experiences for children.

“We are so pleased to be able to give these families and children the opportunity to enjoy a summer experience,” said Sharla Cheney, a member of the Davis Encampment and coordinator of the scholarship program.

Davis Encampment #21 is part of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. The Davis Odd Fellows were chartered in 1870, and the Davis Encampment received its charter in 1955. The Davis Odd Fellows offer four degrees to its members – the Initiatory Degree, the Degree of Friendship, the Degree of Love, and the Degree of Truth. The Encampment provides three advanced degrees of Odd Fellowship for its members – the Degree of Faith, the Degree of Hope and the Degree of Charity. Members of the Encampment are permitted to wear the purple and gold fez. There are 110 Odd Fellows Lodges in California, but only 13 Encampments, including Davis Encampment #21. The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge has 308 members and is the largest Odd Fellows Lodge in California. The Davis Encampment has 66 members and is the largest Encampment in California.

Funds for the scholarships were raised through a combination of donations from members, the Odd Fellows Bingo Committee, the Odd Fellows Music Committee, the Odd Fellows Chocolate Festival, the Davis Odd Fellows Texas Hold ’em Poker Tournament, and community donations.

Typically, the Davis Encampment provides 75-85 such scholarships each year.

“Some of the children in our scholarship program come from families who might not be able to afford the summer experience,” said Doug Hatton, Chief Patriarch (President) of the Davis Encampment. “We would like to help as many children as we can to experience the joys of a summer program, including summer camps.”

Questions: Contact Sharla Cheney at

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