Dave Rosenburg Grand WardenLong-time Davis Odd Fellow Dave Rosenberg has been elected Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of California, Independent Order of Odd Fellows. The
election was held last Friday during Grand Lodge Sessions in Sacramento, with representatives from over 120 Odd fellows Lodges from throughout
California. Four candidates vied for the office and Rosenberg was elected on the first ballot. Grand Warden is the #3 position in Odd Fellow leadership, serving a one-year term, and then moving up to Deputy Grand Master, and then Grand Master of California.

Rosenberg served four terms as Noble Grand of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge and is generally credited with rebuilding that Lodge to be one of the premier Odd Fellows Lodges in the country. Rosenberg also serves as Chief Patriarch of the Davis Encampment, as Captain of the Davis Canton, as Secretary of the Davis Rebekah Lodge, and as President of the Hall Board Association. He has previously served as a District Deputy Grand Master for the Odd Fellows and as Chair of the Grand Lodge Judiciary Committee. Rosenberg also served two terms as Chairman of the Odd Fellows Homes of California Board of Directors, which operates two large retirement campuses in Napa and in Saratoga. Locally, Rosenberg continues to serve as Chair of the Membership & Initiation Committee of the Davis Lodge and serves as a member of the Good Fellowship Committee and the Bingo Committee.

Rosenberg has written a book entitled “The Future of Odd Fellowship – To Be or Not to Be” which focuses on the need to increase membership in local Lodges, and on techniques to do so. While Lodges around the country and in California are declining in membership, the Davis Lodge has increased its membership by 500% over the past 5 years. “I believe that the Odd Fellows need to reinvent themselves to be relevant to men and women in the 21st century”, said Rosenberg. “We can’t just meet behind closed doors and windows. Odd Fellows need to reach out to their communities to do good works, and need to provide an active and fun social network for members. That’s the fountain of youth and the secret of success for fraternal orders going forward.”

Rosenberg is a Superior Court Judge in Yolo County and is a member of the California Judicial Council. The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge has been continuously operating since 1870, and today, is very active in the
community. The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge Hall is located at 415 Second Street, Davis.

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