Dave Reed of Davis, and a member of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge, was recently elected Grand Warden of California during the annual conference of all 120 Odd Fellows Lodges in Modesto. The position of Grand Warden is the number 3 leadership position of California Odd Fellowship. The Grand Warden serves for one year, then moves up the Deputy Grand Master for a year, then Grand Master for a year. The current Grand Master of California is Dave Rosenberg, also of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge.

“It’s a true honor to serve, and I am delighted that the Davis Lodge has obtained two of the three leadership positions in this fraternal order,” said Reed today.

Reed has been a very active member of the Davis Lodge. He has served two terms as Noble Grand (President) of the Lodge, and currently is the Treasurer and a Trustee of the Lodge. He also serves as Vice President of the Hall Board Association, which manages all the property of the Lodge. Reed organized “Hope for Haiti” through the Lodge a few years ago which raised over $25,000 for the earthquake victims in that country. He is now organizing “Neighbors for Nepal” which hopes to raise a substantial amount of money for the victims of the earthquakes in Nepal. Reed was also active in the Guinness World Record event hosted by the Odd Fellows which set a record for longest single line of bikes in motion. He is an active member of the Lodge Music Committee which hosts monthly music venues at the Lodge.

“When we reach out and help others,” said Reed, “we are fulfilling the Odd Fellows motto of friendship, love and truth.”

Odd Fellows began in California in 1849 with the institution of the first Lodge (California Lodge #1) in San Francisco. There are currently 120 Odd Fellows Lodges throughout California, many of the them in the Downtown areas of cities. The Davis Lodge was established in 1870 and has been in its current location on Second Street since 1955. The Davis Lodge organizes and hosts many events to benefit the community including A Taste of Davis, Breakfast with Santa, Breakfast with the Bunny, the Picnic Day Pancake Breakfast, Thursday Live! musical entertainment for the community, monthly Bingo to benefit community groups, and many others.

Reed serves as a Judge of the Superior Court in Yolo County. He is married to Sheryl Cambron, who is also a member of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge.

More information on the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge can be found at www.davislodge.org.

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