Dear Odd Fellows and Pledges,

As Noble Grand, here are my Committee Chair appointments for 2015.  Currently, we have 32 committees in the Lodge!  Every member of this Lodge and every Pledge should serve on at least one of our Committees.  I urge you to pick a committee (or two) that really interest you, and let me know in response to this e-mail.  I will pass your name along to the Chair or Co-Chairs.

Some Committees could really use some volunteers!  In particular, we need more volunteer members on the Bingo Committee, Community Support Committee, Good Fellowship Committee, Social Services Committee, Living Legacy Committee, Senior Project Committee, Picnic Day Breakfast Committee, Picnic Day Float Committee, Breakfast with the Bunny Committee, Photography Committee, Taste of Davis Committee, and Lodge 145th Lodge Birthday Party Committee.  Most committees are self-explanatory based on their names.  But a few need further explanation:  Good Fellowship plans and executes fun events for the members of the Lodge (such as Club Night at the Lodge, and bus trips).  Social Services works to help persons with mental health issues and also very-low income persons.  Living Legacy is working on tree projects and environmental projects.  Senior Project helps frail seniors with projects in their homes.  Picnic Day Float Committee will build an Odd Fellows float for the Picnic Day Parade.   If you have questions about any of our committees, please let me know.

Here is the list of our 32 committees and the Chairs or Co-Chairs:

Bingo:  Jeff Oblinger and Jean-Paul Montreuil, Co-Chairs
By-laws: Sheryl Cambron, Chair
Communications & Website: Stewart Savage, Chair
Community Support: Holly Bishop and Lea Rosenberg, Co-Chairs
Classic Film Festival:  Dave Rosenberg, Chair
Good Fellowship:  Dody Black, Chair
Music & Concerts: Bob Bockwinkel and Juelie Roggli, Co-Chairs
Membership & Initiation:  Dave Rosenberg, Chair
Finance: Arun Sen, Chair
Social Services: Bob Schelen, Chair
Scholarship: Sharla Cheney, Chair
Taste of Davis: Lea Rosenberg and Dody Black,  Co-Chairs
Living Legacy: Mary Superak and Charles Filmer, Co-Chairs
Senior Project: Michael Fullerton, Chair
Historical: Dave Rosenberg and Shannon McCall, Co-Chairs
Installation & Awards Dinner: Dave Rosenberg and Renee Liston, Co-Chairs
Picnic Day Breakfast: TBD
Picnic Day Float: Janis Rosenberg, Jeff Munoz, James Bledsoe, Co-Chairs
New Year’s Party: Juelie Roggli, Chair
Breakfast with Santa: Lea Rosenberg and Barb Geisler, Co-Chairs
Breakfast with the Bunny: Lea Rosenberg, Chair
Photography: Chuck White, Chair
Odd Poetry: Chuck White, Chair
Lodge 145th Birthday Party:  Brett Lemke and Shannon McCall, Co-Chairs
Take a Hike: Dave Reed, Chair
OddtoberFest: Dave Rosenberg, Chair
Halloween Party: Dave Reed, Chair
Cigar Lounge: Dave Rosenberg, Chair
Saturday Morning Breakfast:  Vic Bucher, Rea Nakanishi, Steve Lopez, Amy Hodam, Co-Chairs
Visiting: Lea Rosenberg, Alekka Fullerton, Dave Reed, Co-Chairs
Wine Club: Elysa Hillis, Chair
Zymurgy: Tim Carroll, Chair

Lea Rosenberg
Noble Grand

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