In 2017, the City of Davis will celebrate its Centennial – 100 years as a California City, having formed as “Davisville” in 1917 – and the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge will participate in the year-long ceremony.  The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge has played a significant role in the history of Davis.  In fact, the first “Mayor” of Davis was a member of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge.   John B. Anderson was the 127th signatory in the register of all members of the Lodge.  

John B. Anderson served on the Board of Trustees, the City of Davis’s first form of city government, from 4/20/1917 to 11/20/1917. Anderson served as President of the Board, akin to the Mayor, in 1917. He ran the Davisville Cash Store until 1910. He also helped found the Bank of Davis, which was located at the corner of 2nd and G Streets in downtown Davis. While the site has not housed a bank since 1971, the two-story Anderson Bank Building, named for John Anderson, remains in its original site. John B. Anderson, along with his brother A. Gordon Anderson, operated the Anderson Ranch (located on today’sAnderson Road, which is named for the family) and a number of businesses in the City of Davis. Davis Ace, aka Davis Lumber & Hardware, which today is run by John’s grandniece, Jennifer Anderson, has been in the Anderson family for more than 100 years.

The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge actually predated the formation of the City of Davis.   The Lodge was chartered in April of 1870.  In those days, it was called the “Yolo Lodge” because the City of Davis had not yet been created.   The first Lodge Hall was on G Street, which at the time, was the heart of the town.  The current Odd Fellows Lodge was built in 1955 and is located on 2nd Street. 

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