Rosenberg Promoted to Rank of Colonel

sencorcoranrosenberg20161020modDave Rosenberg was promoted to the rank of Colonel and elected to the position of Commander, First Regiment, Patriarchs Militant, Jurisdiction of California. The PM is the “Degree of Universal Justice” and is the highest degree in Odd Fellowship.

Arun Sen was elected Lieutenant Colonel and Dennis Corcoran was elected Major.

Rosenberg, Sen and Corcoran received their commissions on October 19.

The Evolution of the Odd Fellows

Dave Rosenburg Grand Warden

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Approximately five years ago, when I was relatively new as a member of this Order, I suggested several keys to survival and growth of the Order. I felt that Odd Fellowship was stuck in a time warp – reminiscent of the way things were in the middle of the 20th Century – and I thought it was necessary to evolve this Order and bring Odd Fellowship into the 21st Century. At the time, I suggested the creation of a Revitalization Committee to plan the future of our Order. Eventually, I made this suggestion by way of a resolution presented to Grand Lodge. It was adopted and it was presented, in turn, to the Sovereign Grand Lodge. And, I am pleased to say, that the Sovereign Grand Lodge launched just such a Revitalization Committee.


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