Canton Davis #7 At Knights Landing

Canton Davis #7 At Indigent Burial Ceremony 20150527

Pictured standing left to right are Canton Davis Captain Dennis Corcoran, Davis Rebekah Lodge Noble Grand Diana Schmiegel, Davis Odd Fellow Sherry Pruitt, Davis Odd Fellow Vita Salmiera, Canton Davis Clerk Lea Rosenberg, Public Guardian and Davis Lodge member Cass Sylvia, Canton member Cathy Aubill, Canton Past Captain Arun Sen, Canton Lieutenant Sheryl Cambron. Kneeling in the front left to right is the musician for the ceremony Clarence, Canton Ensign Joel Mandel, and Davis Encampment Senior Warden Tony Pruitt.

On May 27, 2016, six chevaliers from Canton Davis #7 provided volunteer support for the indigent memorial service conducted by the County’s Public Guardian. It is for those who passed away in the last year and did not have family or friends who could care for them.

“This event provides an opportunity for friends and family to celebrate the lives and acknowledge the passing of Yolo County residents who have died in the past year and were assisted by our office,” said Yolo County Public Guardian-Public Administrator Cass Sylvia (who is also a member of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge). “The job of finishing up their personal affairs, contacting distant family and arranging for their final resting place is challenging, but can be very rewarding. The memorial service also provides our staff opportunity to honor those who have passed.”

Chevaliers provided flowers, drinking water and cookies as well as logistical support. In addition, four other Odd Fellows from Lodge #169 attended and also provided assistance to the organizer and participants.

Captain Dennis Corcoran, Canton Davis #7, opines, “Even in this modern era, there is still an opportunity for Odd Fellows to help bury the dead and assist those in distress”.

Chevaliers assisting were Arun Sen, Joel Mandel, Cathy Aubill, Sheryl Cambron, Dennis Corcoran, and Lea Rosenberg.

Other Odd Fellows assisting were Tony Pruitt, Sherry Pruitt, Diana Schmiegel and Vita Salmieri.

Canton Davis Musters New Members

Canton Davis #7 mustered two new members on November 10. Here is a photo of new Chevaliers Joel Mandel (left) and Christopher Young (right). In the Center is Canton Captain Arun Sen.

CantonMuster20141114Canton Davis #7 is a new Canton, having been formed and instituted in the summer of 2013, at the urging of Dave Rosenberg (now a Major, and Commander of the Second Battalion, P.M.). Even though it is new, there are 24 members in this Canton, making it the largest Canton in California, and perhaps the largest in the United States. There are only 74 members of the Patriarchs Militant in California, and with 24 members, Canton Davis represents one-third of the entire membership of P.M. in California.

The Patriarch Militant Degree is the uniformed branch of Odd Fellowship. It is the final and highest degree of Odd Fellowship, and stands for universal justice. Patriarchs Militant members are called Chevaliers, and achieve rank as they move higher in the Military Council.

Canton20141114The new Captain for Canton Davis in 2015 is Dennis Corcoran, Lieutenant is James Bledsoe, Ensign is Alekka Fullerton, Clerk is Joel Mandel, and Accountant is Sheryl Cambron.


Canton Davis #7 Visits San Francisco Lodge

Canton Davis #7 led a group of Odd Fellows, Canton members and Pledges to a visit to the historic San Francisco Lodge, and a wonderful lunch at a Brazilian restaurant in the City. Attending were Arun Sen, Bob Bockwinkel, Juelie and Kurt Roggli, Lea and Dave Rosenberg, Sheryl Cambron, James Bledsoe, Irene Fecht and Pledge Shannon McCall. The visit to the Odd Fellows Museum, alone, was well worth the trip. And the lunch was fabulous. Another trip to San Francisco to visit the historic Lodge will be organized in the near future.

Canton Davis #7 Adds Eight New Chevaliers

Canton Davis #7 is delighted to announce that it now has eight new Chevaliers. On July 15, we mustered the following eight new recruits:

Mark Breckner
Graham Fullerton
Doug Hatton
Rea Nakanishi
Darrell Pereira
Juelie Roggli
Kurt Roggli
Mary Superak

With the addition of these eight, our Canton now has 22 members!

In addition, one of our members – Graham Fullerton – now possesses all degrees of Odd Fellowship, including the final degree of Patriarchs Militant. I believe Graham may
be the youngest member of the Order in California with all degrees. He just turned 17 earlier this year in March.

Davis Odd Fellows Muster Canton Davis #7

Patriarchs Militant Davis CantonThe Davis Odd Fellows Lodge #169 are pleased to announce that our Canton was officially mustered last night, Chevaliers were initiated into the Patriarchs Militant (the highest degree of Odd Fellowship), and officers of our Canton were installed. The official institution of Canton Davis #7 is July 2, 2013. Congratulations. As General Wm. Schuyler (the officer in charge) mentioned last night, he has been a member of the PM for some 50 years and this is the first time he has participated in a Muster. While there was a time when Chevaliers numbered in the thousands, the creation of a new Canton these days is a rare historical event.

An additional member was added to our Canton. Emma Hannaford, who is not a member of the Davis Encampment, and who holds all Encampment Degrees, joined our Canton, Emma was initiated last evening as well.

The following 14 members of our Canton have now been elevated to Chevaliers:

James Bledsoe
Sheryl Cambron
Jim Cheney
Dennis Corcoran
Debbie Friend
Alekka Fullerton
Michael Fullerton
Emma Hannaford
Ashley Hamidi
Dave Rosenberg
Lea Rosenberg
Bob Schelen
Arun Sen
Chuck White

In addition, the following elected officers were installed:

Captain Dave Rosenberg
Lieutenant Arun Sen
Ensign Dennis Corcoran
Clerk Alekka Fullerton
Accountant Sheryl Cambron

Captain Dave Rosenberg appointed the following officers who were also installed:

Chaplain Jim Cheney
Flag/Color Bearer James Bledsoe
Guard Michael Fullerton
Sentinel Lea Rosenberg
Picket Debbie Friend

Please note: Dave Rosenberg received an abbreviated program for the conferring of the Patriarchs Militant Degree and the mustering of new Chevaliers. With this abbreviated program, we can do our own mustering of new members within 20-30 minutes. Mark Breckner, Doug Hatton and Darrell Pereira were unable to attend last night. They will be mustered within the next few weeks at a time that is convenient for all.

We are going to initiate three new members into the Encampment in the very near future (Graham Fullerton, Jueli Roggli and Kurt Roggli) and all three have indicated that they wish to be mustered. We are hopeful that we can muster all six into the Canton soon – perhaps as early as this month.


Dave Rosenberg
Captain, Commanding
Canton Davis #7

Officers Elected to Canton Davis #7

Patriarchs Militant Davis CantonCanton Davis #7 of Patriarchs Militant held its organizational meeting and elected officers.  The following officers have been elected:

Captain – Dave Rosenberg
Lieutenant – Arun Sen
Ensign – Dennis Corcoran
Clerk – Alekka Fullerton
Accountant – Sheryl Cambron

A tentative meeting date and time has been determined for future meetings: the fourth Wednesday of each month at 5:45 at the Lodge.

Only six other Patriarch Militant Cantons exist in California and Nevada.  Canton Davis #7 is one of the few new Cantons to be mustered in the last decade.

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