Canton Davis #7 mustered two new members on November 10. Here is a photo of new Chevaliers Joel Mandel (left) and Christopher Young (right). In the Center is Canton Captain Arun Sen.

CantonMuster20141114Canton Davis #7 is a new Canton, having been formed and instituted in the summer of 2013, at the urging of Dave Rosenberg (now a Major, and Commander of the Second Battalion, P.M.). Even though it is new, there are 24 members in this Canton, making it the largest Canton in California, and perhaps the largest in the United States. There are only 74 members of the Patriarchs Militant in California, and with 24 members, Canton Davis represents one-third of the entire membership of P.M. in California.

The Patriarch Militant Degree is the uniformed branch of Odd Fellowship. It is the final and highest degree of Odd Fellowship, and stands for universal justice. Patriarchs Militant members are called Chevaliers, and achieve rank as they move higher in the Military Council.

Canton20141114The new Captain for Canton Davis in 2015 is Dennis Corcoran, Lieutenant is James Bledsoe, Ensign is Alekka Fullerton, Clerk is Joel Mandel, and Accountant is Sheryl Cambron.


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