Canton Davis #7 At Indigent Burial Ceremony 20150527

Pictured standing left to right are Canton Davis Captain Dennis Corcoran, Davis Rebekah Lodge Noble Grand Diana Schmiegel, Davis Odd Fellow Sherry Pruitt, Davis Odd Fellow Vita Salmiera, Canton Davis Clerk Lea Rosenberg, Public Guardian and Davis Lodge member Cass Sylvia, Canton member Cathy Aubill, Canton Past Captain Arun Sen, Canton Lieutenant Sheryl Cambron. Kneeling in the front left to right is the musician for the ceremony Clarence, Canton Ensign Joel Mandel, and Davis Encampment Senior Warden Tony Pruitt.

On May 27, 2016, six chevaliers from Canton Davis #7 provided volunteer support for the indigent memorial service conducted by the County’s Public Guardian. It is for those who passed away in the last year and did not have family or friends who could care for them.

“This event provides an opportunity for friends and family to celebrate the lives and acknowledge the passing of Yolo County residents who have died in the past year and were assisted by our office,” said Yolo County Public Guardian-Public Administrator Cass Sylvia (who is also a member of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge). “The job of finishing up their personal affairs, contacting distant family and arranging for their final resting place is challenging, but can be very rewarding. The memorial service also provides our staff opportunity to honor those who have passed.”

Chevaliers provided flowers, drinking water and cookies as well as logistical support. In addition, four other Odd Fellows from Lodge #169 attended and also provided assistance to the organizer and participants.

Captain Dennis Corcoran, Canton Davis #7, opines, “Even in this modern era, there is still an opportunity for Odd Fellows to help bury the dead and assist those in distress”.

Chevaliers assisting were Arun Sen, Joel Mandel, Cathy Aubill, Sheryl Cambron, Dennis Corcoran, and Lea Rosenberg.

Other Odd Fellows assisting were Tony Pruitt, Sherry Pruitt, Diana Schmiegel and Vita Salmieri.

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