Patriarchs Militant Davis CantonDavis is now officially a Canton. We are Canton Davis No. 7 of Patriarchs Militant. I have received a letter, dated March 14, 2013, from the Headquarter Patriarchs Militant Department of California.

While other Lodges, Encampments and Cantons are diminishing and folding, we are growing.

Here is the text:

“By Order of the Department Commander


This dispensation is issued effective this date allowing Patriarchs and Royal Purple members who have petitioned the Department of California Patriarchs Militant to establish a Canton to be known as Canton Davis No 7 to hold meeting and select officers, i.e. Captain, Lieutenant, Ensign, Clerk and Accountant who will serve until after the Muster of the Royal Purple Members into the Patriarchs Militant and Muster of the Canton which will take place upon timetable established by Maj. Gen Schuyler and David Rosenberg. The selected Officers may then serve until the next Installation of Officers, at time and date to be established, at their meeting Hall or other authorized meeting area.

Members are urged to obtain the full dress uniform as soon as possible however the Class B uniform is authorized for wear in a Canton meeting.”

The letter is signed by Brig. Gen. Kenneth O’Connell, Department Commander; and attested by Colonel Norman Rose, Department Adjutant

So, there you have it, Canton Davis No. 7 is now officially launched.

Odd Fellowship actually has 9 degrees. When you join the Odd Fellows, you receive the Initiatory Degree. From there, you can get three more degrees (Friendship, Love and Truth) which corresponds to the three links.

You can then join the Encampment and get 3 more degrees.

If you have all those degrees, you can join a Canton and receive the Patriarchs Militant degree.

You can also join a Rebekah Lodge and get the Rebekah degree.

We have had an Odd Fellows Lodge, an Encampment, and a Rebekah Lodge in Davis. Now we have a Canton.

To join the Canton and receive the Patriarchs Militant Degree, a member of the Lodge must have obtained all three degrees of Odd Fellowship in the Lodge: the Initiatory Degree, the Degree of Friendship, the Degree of Love, and the Degree of Truth. That person must then join the Davis Encampment and obtain all three degrees in the Encampment: the Patriarchal Degree, the Golden Rule Degree, and the Royal Purple Degree. Once all those degrees are obtained, the person is eligible to obtain the highest degree of Odd Fellowship – Patriarchs Militant.

I invite all members of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge to become Third-Degree Odd Fellows. If you are interested in obtaining your three degrees, please let Noble Grand Bob Schelen know. He can be contacted at Bob will schedule a “three-degree evening” at the Lodge when he has sufficient interest.

And I invite Third-Degree Odd Fellows to contact me if you wish to join the Davis Encampment and obtain those three degrees. We confer all three Encampment Degrees in one session. Our Davis Encampment has 36 members and is the largest (and most active) Encampment in the USA. You will then be eligible to obtain the highest degree – Patriarchs Militant – and join the Canton Davis No. 7.

Dave Rosenberg
Chief Patriarch
Davis Encampment #21

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