We have issued a challenge to the Lodge to get healthy and to walk. The challenge is for the Lodge members to walk 50 million steps in the next 6 months (that’s the equivalent of one time around the Planet Earth). We can do it, if enough odd Fellows and Pledges participate. We already have 33 signed up! We really should have at least 50. So, if you are interested in this fun challenge (honor system only – you keep track of your own steps) and haven’t already signed up, please e-mail Sharla Cheney at shcheney@gmail.com to get signed up! And if you need a pedometer, we have them for you.

Please see Sharla’s message, below.

F – L – T

Dave Rosenberg

Hello Davis Odd Fellows Walk Challengers!

Here is a weekly log that will help you keep track of your steps. You can use the pedometer provided or one of your own.

1) Just put the log in a convenient place or use the .xls spreadsheet to log in your steps on your computer. You can also use your own system of keeping track.

2) Send me an email once per week with your steps.

I will keep everyone briefed on how we are doing every few weeks!

We have 33 participants. We would really like 50 people, so spread the word on what we are doing.

Walk a little, walk a lot. It all helps. We just want to see everyone out there walking!

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