The 50 Million Step Challenge is alive and well.  We have collectively walked over 8 Million steps to date!

However, we have a problem.  When we started this venture, we had 51 members and pledges signed up to report their steps once each week to Sharla Cheney (who is keeping track).   That number of 51 has dwindled and diminished to just 16.  That won’t cut it.

We need more volunteers to keep walking and to keep track of their steps.  If we have 50 volunteers we can get this accomplished this year.  50 Million steps is a lot – it’s 25,000 miles or once around the earth at the equator!

All you need is a pedometer or a fitbit.  You can buy one at Big 5 Sporting Goods, CVS, Target and lots of other places.  Just report your steps once each week to Sharla at   It’s that simple.

This is great challenge which will generate a lot of PR for our Lodge – plus it’s healthy!!!  We all need to walk more.

So . . .  do we have some more volunteers?

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