A few months ago, Dave Rosenberg challenged the Lodge to “walk  completely around Planet Earth”.  He challenged the Lodge, collectively, to walk 50 million steps – that is the equivalent of  25,000 miles, or approximately once around the earth at the Equator.  Dave asked Lodge members to keep track of their steps using pedometers, or fit-bits, or other step recording devices.  Sharla Cheney volunteered to keep track of the steps, and participants e-mail Sharla – typically once each week – with their total counts.  This challenge was made in good fun, but also as a way to promote good health.

The Lodge started with 50 Odd Fellows, Pledges and family members participating in the “50 million Step Challenge”.  Since that time, the number of participants has dwindled to about half that number.  Some report their steps to Sharla on regular basis, and Sharla has designated those regular participants as winners of the “Tenacity Awards”.  A few others report their steps sporadically.  The #1 leader in steps (with over 3 million) is Tim Carroll; Pledge Kathy Rose is #2 with over 2 million steps; and her husband Pledge Pat Rose is #3 with just a shade 
under 2 million steps; Juelie Roggli is #4 with over 1.6 million steps; and Bill Grabert is right behind at #5 with over 1.5 million steps. Several other participants are very close behind.

Winners of the Tenacity Awards are:

Tim Carroll
Ann Carroll
Sharla Cheney
Landy Black
Beth Dovi
Bob Dovi
Bill Grabert
Mary Mallory Rogers
Joel Mandel
Peter Pascoe
Juelie Roggli
Kathy Rose
Pat Rose
Dave Rosenberg
Lea Rosenberg
Chuck White
Diane Wilkinson

Total step count as of August 18, 2014 was 26,511,585.  We are over half way to our goal of 50,000,000 steps!

As we go into the final laps of our step count, we would WELCOME new participants (or welcome back original participants who got distracted).  Just send your weekly step count to Sharla Cheney at shcheney@gmail.com.  Help the Davis Lodge walk around the Earth.

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