On August 27, 2014, Davis Lodge #169 initiated the following 17 new members (8 men and 9 women) into the Order:

Kevin Cornell
Robert Dick
Beth Dovi
Bob Dovi
Michael Dufresne
Phyllis Himmel
Crystal Junge
Brett Lemke
Celine Livengood
Shannon McCall
Jeff Oblinger
Kathie Rose
Pat Rose
Donna Rutan
Janis Samms
Steve Wathen
Cathy Wilken

All 17 new Odd Fellows went through a six-month long process of learning about the Order and the Lodge, and getting to know the members, prior to initiation. Over 40 members of the Lodge, led by Noble Grand Lea Rosenberg, conducted the initiation. The new members range in age from 30 to 64. Their professions cover a wide spectrum including accountant, army officer, air quality inspector, bounty hunter, deputy district attorney, scientist, student and others.

The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge, one of the largest and most dynamic in North America, now has 230 members. The Davis Lodge conducts two initiations per year. The Lodge has already received 14 applications for membership for the next initiation in early 2015.

Front row seated on floor, left to right: Celine Livengood, Crystal Junge, Kevin Cornell, Janis Rosenberg

Standing, left to right: Bob Dovi, Pat Rose, Donna Rutan, Cathy Wilken, Beth Dovi, Mike Dufresne, Shannon McCall, Steve Wathen, Noble Grand Lea Rosenberg, Brett Lemke, Phyllis Himmel, Jeff Oblinger, Robert Dick.


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